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1) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Labor Day
01:03 Sailing race, nice views. Small boats. Canoe in middle. Coast. Sports activity on field. Group at shore. Boats in water. Dark indoor shot. Sailboats on water. Young men standing n...   more
2) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Glen Cove, Cynthia and Rose Cottage Nursery School
Two-year old child at doorway. Woman and child. Adults outside, group at outdoor table. Man and small girl; father with pipe. Puts child on shoulder. Men in jackets and ties. Child at b...   more
3) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] John's Birthday Party
East Blue Hill home movies. People on rocks at beach. Men wear swimsuits with tops. People (ages around 20s) eat out of picnic dishes, tin cups. Coffee pot. Young boy in profile salutes...   more
4) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Ellingwood Picnic
Head shot of young man in small sailboat, he winks. Sailboat (pram) called WAH PIE, with young boy in it, seen from stern. Woman in swimsuit and bathing cap. Children in water and rowbo...   more
6) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Northeast Harbor Fleet at Kollegewidgwok
13:18 Boat race, Atlantics? 13:41 Alida Camp's dock in East Blue Hill. 6-8 boats moored in bay. Launch goes out to one boat. Regatta, boats with flags up. Cat boats with sails up. Blue...   more
7) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies]
Appears to be footage shot by Frederic E. Camp while he was headmaster at Evans School, Tuscon, Arizona. Notes on box indicate April-May 1935.   more
8) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] 76 Ranch
Brief views of ranch. Cactus and old car in background. Boys wearing cowboy hats.   more
9) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] Labor Day
Tennis game. Very poor picture quality. Touch football game.   more
10) [Frederic E. Camp--home movies] 76 Ranch
01:05 Tree-lined road (orchard). Mule cart with three passengers, boys in cowboy hats. More passengers in back of cart. Adobe house. 01:06 Man lays out bedding outside. Woman in jacket...   more
Camp, Frederic E., Mrs. Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (1,250 ft.) : si., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1932 – 1935
Collection contains [Frederic E. Camp--home movies], which include scenes of summer outdoor activities, primarily in Maine, such as boating, picnics, sports, birthday and holiday celebrations. Footage also includes scenes of children at nursery school, a vacation at a western ranch. Also included are scenes of community events such as 1934 sailing regattas at the Kollegewidgwock Yacht Club. Members of the Camp family appear throughout.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Mrs. Frederic E. (Alida Milliken) Camp, resident of Blueberry Hill in East Blue Hill, Maine, was a lifelong sailing enthusiast. Alida Donnell Milliken Camp (1908-1989) attended Smith College, graduating in 1930. She married Frederic E. Milliken in 1931.
People and Organizations
Camp Family
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