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1) [John A. Stone--home movies with narration (partial)]
VHS containing some reels accompanied by John Stone's narration. Does not include all reels donated in acc.1382.   more
2) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 001
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 1: Helen Barnes and daughter. Woody and Connie, Mom, and Dot and Charlie Brown at Nauset Beach. August and Hermine Stone at pond on Cape Cod, ca.1936. Hel...   more
3) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 002
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 2: Pinkham Notch, NH, spring skiing, ca.1938. Skiing in Tuckerman's Ravine, spring skiing, ca.1938. Buddy, Dad's Sealyham terrier with stick, ca.1938.   more
4) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 004
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 4: Vacation at Arundel farms, North Conway, NH. Mom and Dad. Whitneys in Jackson, NH. Mom, Dad, and their dog Buddy. Mom and Dad on the trail. Dad on skis...   more
5) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 005
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 5: Mom and Helen Willey in Vermont, ca.1938. Old Man of Mountain in Stowe, VT. Lake Willoby, VT. Mom and Dad with Helen Willey's three legged dog. Mountai...   more
6) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 006
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 6: Monmouth, Maine, at Elizabeth's. August Stone and John Stone, July 1938. Grampa Larry carving decoys, in color. Dot Burgess and Buddy (dog) with Le...   more
7) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 007
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 7: Frank Alman and dad fresh water fishing, probably in Newfound Lake NH. Mom working in house in Orleans with wooden wheelbarrow. Setting in the flag pol...   more
8) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 008
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 8: Vacation 1940. Oxen Yoke, North Conway, NH. Skimobile. Hannes Schneider. Top of Mt. Cranmore, NH. Avis Freeman and Buddy (dog) at Freedom, NH. Freedom,...   more
9) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 009
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 9: Mom looking at house lot with realtor, 103 Homestead Avenue, Weymouth MA, 1940. Steam shovel digging hole for house. Dad talking to workmen. House bein...   more
10) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 010
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 10: Tim--at about 1 year old, 1946.   more
11) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 011
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 11: Uncle Woody, Aunt Corrine and Susan (about 9-10 months). Johnny and Mom in living room at 103 Homestead Ave., Weymouth MA. Mom, Johnny, Paul and Irene...   more
12) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 012
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 12: House in Orleans, Cape Cod ca.1950. 4th of July parade--Orleans MA ca.1951. Tim and Johnny in sailboat in parade. Town Cove, Orleans MA sailboat races...   more
13) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 013
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 13: Tim and Johnny swimming at Skaket Beach MA, ca.1953. Our family on a picnic, ca.1953. Tim shingling small cottage in Orleans, ca.1954. Our family at T...   more
14) [John A. Stone--home movies] Reel 014
Donor's notes as follows: Reel 14: Lyman on the Town Cove, Orleans MA with Mom, Dad, Johnny, Tim and Jet (our black cocker spaniel). Sailboat races on the Town Cove. Earl Silver's black...   more
15) [purchased cartoons] Reels 15-16
NHF notes for Reels 15-16 (purchased cartoons): Reel 15: Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in 'Buzz Saw Battle' (1934, Walt Disney Productions); A Jingle Jinks Cartoon titled 'Toyland Advent...   more
Stone, John A. Collection
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Collection Date Range
1936 – 1954
Collection contains [John A. Stone--home movies] covering family life at home, travel, and vacations: the beach, skiing at Tuckerman’s Ravine in New Hampshire, and trips to Maine. Footage includes coastal Massachusetts scenes during the 1938 hurricane and construction of the Stones' home in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The Collection also contains three cartoons from the 1930s.
Amateur, Animation
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