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2) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments]
NHF notes, 12/95: eleven reels (400 ft.) have date strips and other short items; one reel (1000 ft.) has 250 ft. with images but hard to identify--1933 from date code; about 45 reels (1...   more
3) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reels 001,002,003
Fine grain master // Original nitrate of reel 3 was discarded due to severe decomposition, 08/2005.   more
7) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 1
NITRATE // Decomp prevalent at head. // Parade. Gayety Theatre Float. Splices in film. Bands, floats, street, ground, J.J. Newberry department store, shoe[ish] heel float with eight wom...   more
10) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 2
NITRATE // On leader 'Nitrate Roll 2' (leader: nitrate film with triangle code and Kodak with triangle + code; image: nitrate film two squares and Kodak triangle + code). Fairgrounds, P...   more
11) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 004
Technical services notes: Single perforated footage of street scenes with houses, cars, and people.   more
12) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 005
Technical services notes: Double perforated footage of tug-of-war. Couple posing for camera. Erotic footage of woman undressing in the jungle with cut away to a tiger.   more
13) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 006 Boys and Girls Don'ts
Technical services notes: Title 'Boys & Girls Don't. We don't like to keep saying don't to you but sometimes you forget yourselves, just follow these simple rules and let everyone enjoy...   more
14) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 007
Technical services notes: Snipes: 'Wednesday' (4 ft.), 'Parents--Vacation time will soon be here, and we have arranged our programs to give your kiddies good clean entertainment. Avoid...   more
15) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 008
Technical services notes: 'Every Thursday night is 'Gold Treasure Night' You may be the lucky one to win! No raise in admission.   more
16) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 009
Technical services notes: Titles: 'Attend our amateur nights every Wednesday and Thursday, see your friends . . . neighbors and relatives perform on our stage, here is a chance to encou...   more
17) [Van Buren/Aroostook County segments] Reel 010
Technical services notes: Snips: 'Sunday and Monday' (8 ft.), 'Tuesday' (4 ft.), 'Tuesday' (15 ft.), 'Wednesday and Thursday' (4 ft.), 'Thursday' (10 ft.), 'Also' (8 ft.).   more
18) [Big Hillbilly Jamboree Ad]
Ad for "Big Hillbilly Jamboree..." Postage dated 1954   more
Grandmaison, Dayton Collection
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Collection Date Range
1918 – 1979
Collection contains amateur footage of several community functions and activities in the Aroostook County area, including footage of parades, fairgrounds, and various street scenes. There is one instance of erotica, involving a woman undressing in a jungle. Also included are ads and promos used in the Aroostook County Drive-In.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Dayton Grandmaison was the former proprietor of Dayton's Restaurant in Van Buren, Maine. The restaurant resided in a theater first constructed in 1920, named the Star Theatre. It was regarded as one of finest theaters north of Bangor, and showed both live performances and films until the auditorium was destroyed by fire in 1924. After being renovated it was renamed the Gayety Theatre, and operated until 1983, whereafter it was further renovated to become Dayton's Restaurant.
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