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1) [Baby]
Baby   more
2) [flood footage 1987, central Maine]
Aerials of flood impact on Waterville and Winslow, ME areas. Ground footage in Augusta and Hallowell, ME areas.   more
3) [Old Town Police Picket]
Off-duty police officers picketing in front of Old Town City Hall in opposition to City Manager Peter Parker's decision to hire a new sergeant for the Old Town Police Department from ou...   more
4) [Gahagan]
Hayes Gahagan; short clip   more
5) [Firemen's Thanksgiving]
Firemen's Thanksgiving   more
6) [Interview]
Interview with man with glasses   more
7) [Bangor City Council]
Bangor City Council meeting; Coucilor Paul Zendzian   more
8) [BMHI Supporters]
Supporters of Bangor Mental Health Institute preparing to testify to keep the facility open; interviews with several officials/professionals/doctors; footage of the Institute   more
9) [Interview]
Man in grey suit and blue tie   more
10) [Chamber of Commerce]
Greater Bangor Chamber of Commerce convention   more
11) [Harold Pachios]
Harold Pachios, on the chance Edmund Muskie might be a candidate for Vice-President.   more
12) [unidentified]
Unidentified short clip/'bump'   more
13) [UMaine]
University of Maine at Orono   more
14) [Sewall]
Interview in office with Joseph Sewall, President of the Maine Senate on legislative progress through the end of the regular session.   more
15) [Benefits]
Fixed income people are likely to be hurt by changes in food stamp rules.   more
16) [Lecture]
Audience, speaker; extrememly short clip   more
17) [Chair Design Exhibit]
Don Carrigan report on exhibit at the University of Maine's Carnegie Hall entitled 'The Modern Chair' that covers the history of chair design. Interview with Dr. Vincent Hartgen, organi...   more
18) [Hancock County Music Festival]
Opera music at Hancock County Auditorium (Grand Theatre) is part of Hancock County Festival of Music   more
19) [Maine PIRG]
Michael Huston of Maine Public Interest Group says Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant may be unsafe.   more
20) [Oil Prices]
Interview with Senator Edmund Muskie on prices of oil.   more
21) [CMP Strike Issues]
Joe Nixon outlines major strike issues for Central Maine Power (CMP) workers   more
22) [Various news stories]
Stories about police officers and stresses they face. Three-part series on life on Maine islands (Isle Au Haut, Islesboro, Mt. Desert Rock).   more
23) [High School basketball]
High school tournament shaping up.   more
24) [Telephone Rates]
Peter Bradford and Governor James Longley discuss Public Utilities Commssion (PUC) decision to decline application from New England Telephone; telephone rates   more
25) [Carl Kosobud]
Bangor City Planner, Carl Kosobud interviewed.   more
26) [Meeting]
Meeting   more
27) [Special Olympics]
Special olympics   more
28) [Wolf]
Wolf and pups?   more
29) [Longley at Bucksport Mill]
Saint Regis paper mill in Bucksport; #5 paper machine starts; Governor James Longley speaks at public luncheon   more
30) [Auction To Benefit Montessori School]
Project director Janice Ames interviewed about upcoming art auction to benefit Bangor montessori school; footage of children at schoo; artworks, paintings, lithographs shown with music...   more
31) [Paintings]
Paintings on display   more
32) [Sports Pressure]
Unidentified man in glasses talks about the pressure in a basketball game   more
33) [Hunter Safety]
Game warden on hunter safety   more
34) [County Budget Reaction]
County budget reaction; Don Strout, Ed Kelleher   more
35) [Farmington]
University of Maine in Farmington   more
36) [John Supranovich]
Meeting; John Supranovich   more
37) [State Contract Agreement]
State contract agreement   more
38) [Basketball]
Basketball   more
39) [Miss Maine Beauty pageant]
Miss Maine Beauty pageant. (natural sound)   more
40) [Gas Station Closes]
Gas station closes   more
41) [College Basketball]
University of Maine loses to St. Michael's College of Vermont.   more
42) [Hathaway on Tax Reform]
Senator William (Bill) Hathaway on tax reform   more
43) [Election Night 1988, Tape 6]
Late-night (12:15-1:00 a.m.) coverage of 1988 election results featuring NBC News national coverage with local cut-ins from WLBZ. // See collection folder for shot sheet.   more
44) [Hockey]
Hockey   more
45) [United Way Fund Drive]
United Way fund drive breakfast in Bangor; $700,000 campaign   more
46) [Meeting]
Meeting in office with big leather chairs   more
47) [flood footage 1987 - tape eleven]
Flood coverage in Skowhegan, Winslow, Newport, and Bangor, ME. Various comments. See collection folder for rundown.   more
48) [Traffic Light]
Red blinking traffic light   more
49) [Amsden]
Interview with Mr. Amsden   more
50) [Skiing]
Skiing   more
51) [Bangor City Council Meeting]
Silent footage of Bangor City Council meeting. Jim Henderson present.   more
52) [New England Telephone Company Rates]
Don Carrigan report on New England Telephone battle with Maine Public Utilities Commission about use of tax money. Interview with unidentified woman about company's current financial co...   more
53) [Longley & Easter Seals]
Governor James Longley, Easter Seals   more
54) [Comic Book Collector]
Man talks about collecting older, 'classic' comics.   more
55) [Maine Central Railroad]
Maine Central Railroad   more
56) [Press Conference]
People in brown room with orange curtains talk to press   more
57) [Situation in Angola]
A Vietnamese man talks about the situation in Angola and parallels it to Vietnam.   more
58) [Lecture]
Man lectures in red-walled auditorium   more
59) *does not exist*
item does not exist - numbering error   more
60) [Mexican Food]
Kids make gross-looking Mexican-style food   more
61) Kidsworld Storage Reel # 1
Dubs of stories featuring local people in program 'Kidsworld.' See box label for segment subjects, times. Later on tape: portion of unidentified entertainment program.   more
62) [Brennan at Legislature]
Governor Joseph (Joe) Brennan addresses Maine Legislature   more
63) [John Daigle]
John Daigle and other business leaders attend economic conference in Bangor.   more
64) Balloon race airchecks, tape two
United States team reaches Moracco (Sept. 22). Various pre-launch reports. See collection folder for story list.   more
65) [Rescue Aircraft]
Rescue planes, helicopters taxi, in air; unidentified pilot refers to a downed aircraft. Later on tape: boys play baseball. Later on tape: officials review maps in a search for a downed...   more
66) [Lecture]
Man lectures in room with red chairs   more
67) [Trash]
Trash complaints in Bangor.   more
68) [High School Basketball Tournament]
Interviews with Machias and Calais coaches on high school boys basketball tournament   more
69) [Tires]
Tires collected to benefit Brewer Boosters Club.   more
70) [Cartoonist]
Cartoonist   more
71) [Roller-Skis]
Roller-skis (?)   more
72) [Blood Drive]
Blood Drive at Hampden Academy.   more
73) [Commercial storage reel] 90 X Y Z
Commercials (aircuts). Partial list: York Ford-Toyota (Houlton, ME); You Know Whose Pub (Waterville, ME).   more
74) [Woman]
Woman with glasses   more
75) [Gordon Clapp]
Gordon Clapp in Augusta   more
76) [Commercial storage reel] 91 I-J
Commercials (aircuts). Partial list: International Motel (Calais); Jasmine's Restaurant (Orono); Jordan's Restaurant (Searsport).   more
77) [CPR]
CPR course; short clip   more
78) St. John River flooding and ice jam
Airchecks of St. John River flooding coverage in Allagash and St. John, ME.   more
79) [Bangor City Council]
Bangor City Council meeting   more
80) [Running into Water]
People run into water   more
81) [Car accident]
Automobile accident on highway.   more
82) [Bangor City Council]
Al Weymouth and others in Bangor City Council chambers   more
83) [Basketball]
Basketball   more
84) [Shriners]
Shriners   more
85) [Football: Northeastern at Maine]
University of New Hampshire at University of Maine; college football game at Alumni Field in Orono; tape runs out near end of game   more
86) [Interview]
Interview with man   more
87) [Bangor Shopping Plaza Planned]
Interview with downtown businessman Harvey Hillson (sp?) on new shopping plaza construction that will be finished in 1985; footage of field bulldozing, downtown Bangor storefronts   more
88) [Roger Reed]
Basketball coach Roger Reed talks about Bangor Christian School's team prospects.   more
89) [Dog License]
Dog license   more
90) [Speaker]
Speaker at podium in front of gold curtain   more
91) Calais Fderal Savings and Loan Assoc. spot
Thirty-second ad (aircut). Later on tape: several Subaru car ads (aircuts, dated 1993).   more
92) [Cheerleaders Clinic]
Cheerleaders attend clinic   more
93) [unidentified]
Unidentified   more
94) [Horseback Riders]
Horseback riders   more
95) Black Athletes: Fact or Fiction
Slugged 'Affiliate press preview.' NBC News special, hosted by Tom Brokaw. Includes 1936 Olympics and other historic footage.   more
96) [Future of Lucerne]
Meeting on the future of Lucerne-In-Maine village and the role of Dedham   more
97) [Car Guide]
Car guide   more
98) [Court Sketches]
Drawings/sketches of a trial   more
99) [Auto campers]
Reporter Don Carrigan on the growing popularity of automobile campers. (RVs) ----In two segments labeled A & B.--   more
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WLBZ Collection
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Collection Date Range
1970 – 1995
Collection contains news, advertising, and documentaries. Each week from 1975 to 1980 is represented by several 400-ft. cans of news film with sound. The videotapes include news, promotional spots, sports, natural disasters, local series and documentaries, and coverage of community events. For example, [Alamo Theatre] is a news story concerning the acquisition of the theater by Northeast Historic Film. Promotional footage includes televised commercials and "Waterways," a public service spot promoting the "Maine Street '90" series on Maine history. Collection also includes news specials such as "Newscenter Year in Video, 1991," "Samantha Smith Funeral," and "The Flood of '87."
Biographical/Historical Notes
WLBZ-TV is an NBC affiliate based in Bangor, Maine. "Maine Street '90" was a project of events implemented during Governor John McKernan’s administration.
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