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1) [Machinery]
Machinery   more
2) [Greenhouse]
Greenhouse flowers; interview   more
3) [WAGM Radio Promo]
WAGM Radio promo footage; label on can: 'Outstanding in their Field'   more
4) [Mechanical Potato Harvester]
Mechanical potato harvester   more
5) [Presque Isle Basketball]
Basketball game/practice at Presque Isle High School; Knight interviews coach Dint Lovely   more
6) [unidentified]
Unidentified   more
7) [Meeting]
Meeting   more
8) [Young People With Horses]
Young people with horses   more
9) [Harness Racing]
Harness horse racing   more
10) [Logging Operation]
Logging operation   more
11) [Speaker]
Man at rostrum   more
12) [Auto Racing Promos]
Series of short promotional films on auto racing   more
13) [Law Enforcement Exhibit]
Law enforcement exhibit/display at fair   more
14) [Jet Fighter]
Military jet/fighter plane. // Footage from approximately 1974.   more
15) [Interviews & Snowmobiles]
Street scene; interviews; snowmobiles   more
16) [Carrying a Cross]
People marching, carrying a cross   more
17) [Barrel on Runners]
Barrel on runners   more
18) [Potato Storage Shed]
Interior of a potato storage shed   more
19) [Vocational School]
Vocational school   more
20) [Groundbreaking Ceremony]
Groundbreaking ceremony   more
21) [Post Office]
Post office   more
22) [unidentified]
Unidentified   more
23) [Interview]
Hilton interviews woman   more
24) Life in Napa Valley
Title from film; release print produced by Filmmakers, MN   more
25) [Interview]
Logan interviews unidentified person   more
26) [Computer & Punch Cards]
Computer and punch cards   more
27) [Fair and Parade]
Parade; activities at fairground   more
28) [1968 Potato Blossom Festival]
1968 Potato Blossom Festival; parade in Fort Fairfield; information acquired from tape label on film   more
29) [Interview]
Man interviews young women; women perform on stage   more
30) [William Hathaway]
William Hathaway interviewed (by Gordon Manuel?)   more
31) [Meeting]
Meeting in a school   more
32) [Interview]
Logan interviews man (Harold Mailman, Director of Northern Maine Vocational Technical Institute?) in front of architect's drawing   more
33) [Golfer Interview]
Golfer interviewed   more
34) [Basketball]
Basketball   more
35) [Speaker]
Man in plaid sport coat speaks   more
36) [Helicopter]
Helicopter   more
37) [Interview]
Logan interviews woman in print dress   more
38) [Building Dedication]
Building dedication?   more
39) [Factory]
Factory/plant   more
40) [Speakers]
Various speakers   more
41) [Beta Sigma Phi]
Beta Sigma Phi sign; children on stage; other short clips   more
42) [Stanley Salwak]
Stanley Salwak?   more
43) [Meeting]
Meeting   more
44) [Singing Youths]
Young people singing   more
45) [Men Climb Tower]
Men climb tower   more
46) [Interview]
Logan interviews man in glasses and sport coat and man with longer hair   more
47) [Basketball]
Basketball   more
48) [Basketball]
Basketball   more
49) [Potato Harvest]
Potato harvest   more
50) [House Fire]
House fire   more
51) [Hayes Gahagan]
Hayes Gahagan   more
52) [Boy Scout Camp]
Boy Scout camp, Camp Roosevelt   more
53) [Interview]
Hilton interviews man with moustache and glasses   more
54) [Office Workers]
People working in offices; signs say 'Caribou'   more
55) [Speaker]
Man speaks   more
56) [Pumpkin Patch]
Pumpkin patch   more
57) [Air Force Plane]
Air Force plane   more
58) [Food Storage Containers]
Food storage in plastic containers   more
59) [Harness Racing]
Harness racing   more
60) [Dana Connors]
Reporter interviews Presque Isle City Manager Dana Connors   more
61) [Padlocked Plant]
Padlocked plant/factory   more
62) [National Guard]
B-roll of film about the National Guard; date on leader: '5-24-72'; item 0954.0525 is negative sound track of this program   more
63) [Interview]
Interview with woman   more
64) [Hathaway Campaign Ads]
Commercials for William Hathaway re-election campaign; Maine's second district representative in Congress; label on film: 'A-Wind, Dupe Neg, 'Hathaway Spots'   more
65) [Interview]
Logan interviews man in plaid sport coat   more
66) [Miss Nebraska Interview]
Interview with woman in crown and sash (Miss Nebraska?)   more
67) [Interviews]
Interviews with people on the street   more
68) [Stanley Salwak]
Nelder with Stanley Salwak   more
69) [Toy Set]
'Toy Storyland' set   more
70) [Interview]
Two men interviewed   more
71) [Graduation]
Graduation/commencement exercises   more
72) [Interview]
Nelder interviews man in hunting cap   more
73) [unidentified]
Unidentified   more
74) [Interview]
Interview with woman with glasses   more
75) [Automobile Accident]
Automobile/car accident   more
76) Up, Up and Away, But Where?
Title on film: 'Up, Up and Away, But Where?'; from Aroostook Viewpoint series; public affairs program on airline service?   more
77) [School Bus]
School bus   more
78) [unidentified]
Unidentified   more
79) [Horseback Riders]
People on horseback in formation   more
80) [Panel]
Panel   more
81) [Interview]
Reporter Dave Silverbrand talks with man in checkered coat and cap   more
82) [Military Ball]
Military ball; people outdoors in snow   more
83) [Interview]
Hilton interviews man in dark suit   more
84) [Shoppers]
People shopping   more
85) [Military Training]
Label on can: 'Food Packet Survival Abandon Aircraft'; soldiers training; military people near an aircraft   more
86) [Construction]
Men in hard hats working   more
87) [Snowmobile Race]
Snowmobiles race around track   more
88) [Construction]
People work with power tools   more
89) [Interview]
Logan interviews a man in a plaid shirt   more
90) [Health Clinic]
Health clinic?   more
91) [Miss Mapleton Pageant]
Miss Mapleton Pageant   more
92) [Wrestling]
Wrestling   more
93) [Tennis]
Tennis   more
94) [Winterama 1972]
Men beside snowmobiles; sign reads 'Winterama 1972'   more
95) [Workers Strike]
Workers on strike; sign reads 'Local on Strike 365'   more
96) [Air Force Jet]
Air Force jet   more
97) [Students Register]
Students register   more
98) [Fire Hydrants]
Children and fire hydrants   more
99) [Snow Plowing]
Plowing snow outside plant in winter   more
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WAGM-TV Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (105,000 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.;
Secondary Format and Extent
video (4 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Collection Date Range
1970 – 1995
Collection contains news stories produced by station WAGM-TV, including many public affairs programs dealing with topics such as local construction of public housing in the 1970s, agriculture, public utilities, community celebrations and fairs. The four-minute video is a news story about the "Aroostook County 1920s" film event at Aroostook Centre Cinemas (Presque Isle) on 10 January 1995, and shows excerpts from the film in the theater, interviews with elementary school students and with Danny Patt, silent film accompanist. See also Michael Bernard Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Television station WAGM is based in Presque Isle, Maine, located near the Canadian (New Brunswick) border. The footage in this collection is all that is known to survive of WAGM newsfilm. "Aroostook County 1920s" is a compilation of footage shot on the occasion of Presque Isle's centennial in 1920, with intertitles and piano music.
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