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1) Story of a Newspaper, The
Documentary of the operation of a metropolitan newspaper, the Portland Evening Express (now the Portland Press Herald). // Dupont film stock. // Approximately 20% of the film has soundt...   more
2) Hurricane Carol and Edna
Film has a Hurricane Carol and a Hurricand Edna section. Stretch of leader separates two sections. // Each section is [650 ft.] // Hurricane Carol section: Dupont film stock, no date co...   more
3) Pemaquid
Date from edge code on film. // Shot as unedited documentary footage, gives a detailed visual and oral account of the archeological site in Pemaquid, Maine where two 1000 year old buria...   more
4) 24 Hours
Docudrama about a day in the life of the Portland Fire Department based partly on real events. Includes footage of fires being started accidentally and Portland firefighters' reactions....   more
5) Morning Prayer
NHF reel numbers 1-12. Twelve reels of 'Morning Prayer' series from WGAN TV Portland. A local minister giving inspirational messages. Accession sheet notes indicate local origin, howeve...   more
6) Thought for the Day
NHF reel numbers 13-34. Twenty two reels of 'Thought for the Day.'   more
7) Portland Evening Express
NITRATE. // No date code - on Dupont Pathe film stock. // NHF tech. service viewing notes: Opening title: 'Portland Evening Express Sports and News Pictures. These pictures taken by sta...   more
8) Coral Sea Battle
One reel: 'Castle Films News Parade, Coral Sea Battle,' ca.1944.   more
Fenderson, Earle Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (1,000 ft.) : si., b&w ; 35 mm. print.
Secondary Format and Extent
film (4,100 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w ; 16 mm. print.
Collection Date Range
1944 – 1965
Collection contains a documentary, "The Story of a Newspaper," about the Portland Press Herald; this copy is missing its sound track. Collection also contains educational/cultural works. "24 Hours" is a professionally-produced, narrated docudrama about the Portland fire department. "Hurricane Carol and Edna" concerns the destruction of these storms in New England, and includes animation. "Pemaquid" concerns Native American burial traditions and is shot at a Maine Archaeological Society excavation site. "Morning Prayer" and "Thought for the Day" are inspirational messages shown on WGAN-TV, Portland. See also John J. White, Sr./WGAN Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Earle Fenderson was a film director at WGAN-TV (currently named WGME-TV, Portland, a CBS affiliate), and a film projectionist in Portland.
People and Organizations
Portland Press Herald
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