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1) Colby College: A Catalog Supplement Film
Promotional footage for Colby College: Colby College: A Catalog Supplement Film (7 min.). Original footage is 320 ft. of 16 mm. film made for prospective students. NHF catloguer's notes...   more
2) Outing Club Skiing
Promotional footage. 'Outing Club Skiing'   more
3) Mamo of Colby
'Mamo of Colby' (15 min.). 'A Metrotone Film.' 'A Production of Motion Picture and Television Service of the United States.' Original footage is 600 ft. of 16 mm. film. Features student...   more
4) Winter Carnival
Promotional footage. 'Winter Carnival'   more
5) The Victory Bells
Promotional footage for Colby College: 'The Victory Bells' (25 min.). Original footage is 720 ft. of 16 mm. film. NHF cataloguer's notes: Film about receiving a million dollar grant fro...   more
6) The Miller Library at Colby College
Promotional footage. 'The Miller Library at Colby College'   more
7) Perspective
'Perspective' (29 min.). Original footage is 1000 ft. of 16 mm. film. Cataloguer's notes: A student made film? Begins with various still images of war, politics, politicians, society, e...   more
8) Colby Woodsmen 1977
'Colby Woodsmen 1977' (20 min.). Original footage is 800 ft. of 16 mm. film. Shows men and women on the Colby woodsmen team competing in various events. NHF cataloguer's notes: Still ph...   more
9) Frank Merriwell at Colby [Mayflower Hill Saga]
'Frank Merriwell at Colby [Mayflower Hill Saga] (28 min.).' Original footage is 960 ft. of 16 mm. film. Printed titles tell about construction of new campus site on Mayflower Hill. 'Pho...   more
10) [unidentified--home movies]
1938 edge code on film. // Label on can: 'Graduation 1939. Cornerstone Ceremony, Lorimer Chapel, and Completion 1938-39. Baseball Southern Trip 1939.   more
11) Commencement 1962
Promotional footage. Commencement 1962   more
12) Scenes from Colby Events
Promotional footage. 'Scenes from Colby Events'   more
13) Old Campus Film of Professors/Fraternities
Promotional footage. 'Old Campus Film of Professors/Fraternities'   more
14) Dana Hall Dedication Ceremonies
Promotional footage. 'Dana Hall Dedication Ceremonies'   more
15) Mayflower Hill Move: Volunteers Cleaning...
Promotional footage. 'Mayflower Hill Move: Volunteers Cleaning...'   more
16) Commencement 1964
Promotional footage. 'Commencement 1964'   more
17) Performing arts: Portion of Performance...
Promotional footage. 'Performing arts: Portion of Performance...'   more
18) [The Small College--unedited footage]
Promotional footage. 'The Small College'--unedited footage   more
19) The Small College
Promotional footage. 'The Small College'   more
20) Colby College 1936-1937
Promotional footage. Colby College 1936-1937   more
21) Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and Volcanoes
Newsreel with footage of volcanoes and village destruction.   more
22) Outing Club Activities
Promotional footage. 'Outing Club Activities'   more
Colby College Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
video (124 min.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 3/4 in.
Collection Date Range
1930 – 1977
Collection contains promotional works from Colby College in Waterville, Maine, including "Colby College: A Catalog Supplement Film" made for prospective students, and "The Victory Bell," a fundraising film to raise money for a matching endowment from the Ford Foundation. Collection also contains factual works such as "The Mayflower Hill Saga," a silent film with intertitles detailing the construction of the present campus from 1930 to 1948, made by an alumnus from the class of 1924; footage of Outing Club activities and, "Mamo of Colby" about a student track star from Ethiopia. Collection also contains a home movie, "Colby Woodsmen 1977," showing men and women on the woodsmen team in a competition with other schools, chopping trees, throwing axes, and sawing, splitting and hauling wood. Film footage is primarily of Colby College football games.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Colby College is a liberal arts college located in Waterville, Maine, founded in 1813. Original footage is 16 mm. film.
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