14 Items in This Collection
1) Woodsmen and River Drivers: Another Day, Another Era
Woodsmen and River Drivers, edited version, broadcast on Maine Public Broadcasting, fall 1993.   more
2) [Boat footage] NHF TAPES 014-029
Various factual and educational programs. 014: Boat--Interview--Tape 1 015: Boat--2 016: Boat--Greene--#1 017: Boat--4 018: Boat--5 019: Boat--6 020: Boat--Waxing--Walter Greene--7 021:...   more
3) [various programs] NHF TAPES 030-052
Various factual and educational programs. 030: A--Chapel--On floor CU rehearsal--W. Frank CU 031: A--Lunch--Ron and student 032: A--Chapel--above shots--Frank Lantz--Mtn shots--Inn--Kid...   more
4) [various programs] NHF TAPES 053-075
Various factual and educational programs. 053: F--Landfill master 054: F--[Midved?] 055: F--Shots of Henry--Sandy Ives 1 056: F--Lloyd Irwin 1 057: F--Fred Knight 2 058: F-- 059: F--Box...   more
5) [various programs] NHF TAPES 076-095
Various factual and educational programs. 076: H--WGME--Turnpike--Boise Cascade 077: H--WCSH--Doe Hearings--11 pm report--6 pm report--3/25/86 078: H--Sister Mildred--Shaker community 0...   more
6) [various programs] NHF TAPES 197-202
Various factual and educational programs. Notes on tape case follow: 197: Railroad, outtakes for R.R. program 198: Mike Noble, Conversations (ID Reel to Orono) 199: Mike Noble Reception...   more
7) [various programs] NHF TAPES 096-119
Various factual and educational programs. 096: L--Vinalhaven 1 097: L--Vinalhaven 2 098: L--Vinalhaven 3 099: L--Vinalhaven 4 100: L--Vinalhaven 5 101: L--Vinalhaven 6 102: M--Alex Katz...   more
8) [various programs] NHF TAPES 120-145
Various factual and educational programs. 120: Q--Tim Sample 121: Q--Tim Sample worktape--Promos for Fred Raisier 122: Q--Tim Sample in concert 123: Q--Tim Sample 124: Q--Tim Sample 125...   more
9) [various programs] NHF TAPES 146-152; 154-175
Various factual and educational programs. 146: Station IDs--MPBN logo master 147: Station logos MPBN--Festival 84 promos--men talking about railroad 148: Maine forest service PSAs--seed...   more
10) NHF TAPE 153
Various factual and educational programs. NHF tape 153: Ask the..--Ask Joe--Ask George--Ask Bill--Ask Olympia   more
11) NHF TAPE 155
155: State wide: Olympia Snowe and Chipman Bull Note: There is dropout on the 3/4 in. at approximately 40 min. into tape. Dropout lasts about 4-5 min. then tape is ok.   more
12) [various programs] NHF TAPES 176-193
Various factual and educational programs. 176: Me. Arts Magazine edited segments #5 177: Phillips, Me. 178: Festival 84 promos--Interviews 179: Rand Raabe Seasons--70 slides and music--...   more
13) Things That Aren't Anymore More Things That Aren't Anymore
Two MPBC productions using NHF stock footage. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.   more
14) [public service announcements]
MPBC promotional, public service announcements. Mostly 30 seconds each, some multiple spots on each reel. Boxes are coded with 'F-' numbers, as follows: Series F100s-200s F108: 'Inflati...   more
MPBC Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (1,800 ft.) ; sd., b&w and col., 16 mm.
Secondary Format and Extent
video (193 tapes) ; sd., col. : 3/4-inch
Collection is comprised of 72 reels of public service announcements donated in 1994 including "Opportunities for Minorities," and "Walk Through Your House." Collection also contains 193 documentary and educational programs, promotional spots and station IDs produced by Maine Public Broadcasting (MPBC) in the 1990s. See also MPBN Collection, MPTV Collection, and WCBB Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Maine Public Broadcasting Corporation (MPBC) is presently the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN), formed from the merger of WCBB-TV in southern Maine and the University of Maine MPBN newtwork. WCBB-TV went on the air in 1961 as a partnership of Colby College, Bates College, and Bowdoin College.
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