100 Items in This Collection
4) Xmas tree [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 4
Xmas tree – Wash 300 Football Rodeo   more
5) A Week in Canada, 1936 [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 5
C1 Canada 1;Title: 'A Week in Canada 1936'   more
7) Gaspe 1940 [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 7
Life in Israel #2 Gaspe 1940   more
11) Spring 1944 [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 11
Air Shots On leader: Spring 1944   more
12) Memorial 1950 [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 12
On leader: Memorial 1950   more
24) Israel Reel 1 [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 24
On Leader: Israel Reel 1 Print 1   more
27) Toller Dogs Original [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 27
Head Toller Dogs / Toller Dogs Original   more
37) Life in Israel #1 [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 37
Life in Israel #1 / Bermuda Clippings   more
39) Life in Israel Today [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 39
Reel 3 (of three reels) Life in Israel Today 16mm - silent - color   more
42) Baghdad [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 42
Baghdad – Baghdad Mosque [Tower?] of Kings from R[?], Ct[?];The Mausoleum of Abdul-Qadir Gilani. (Baghdad, Iraq) Cars on the road, in front of a domed building. Panning shot of Bagdad f...   more
43) Baghdad [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 43
Baghdad – Baghdad. Ct[?], New Palace, Cyprus Sign Post, [Lion?] on [Jeda?];Panning down the Arch of Ctesiphon and ruins of Taq Kasra. (Salman Pak, Iraq) Carvings on the walls. View of t...   more
44) Babylon [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 44
Babylon + Baghdad – Baghdad + Bablyon, [?], Babylon Sign, T[ower?] [?] Golden Mosque;Panning shot of ruins. (Babylon, Iraq) Sign post: ‘Babylon’. Shot panning down the Zumurrud Khatun M...   more
45) Babylon [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 45
Babylon – Babylon [?] G[?] Pan, Bldgs + animals, Man – [?];The Lion of Babylon statue. (Babylon, Iraq) Panning shot of desert landscape and ruins. Babylon ruins. Wall carving of a bull....   more
46) Petra [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 46
Petra – Petra Sikh [Siq] Trailway +   more
47) Petra [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 47
Petra – Petra 2nd [?] [?] [Monday?]   more
48) Petra [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 48
Petra – Petra, General Pan, Jerusalem, [Pontius Pilate?], Dome of the Rock [?]   more
49) Petra [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 49
Petra – Ok, Jerash, Entry Gate, A[?], Desert Galilee, Petra   more
50) Petra [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 50
to Petra – To Petra, Desert Canyon, 1st trip light, Moses Rock, Petra Sign, Theatre, Sikh [Siq?]   more
51) Petra [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 51
Petra – Petra, Ok, [Guide?] C[?], Chapel   more
52) Petra [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 52
Petra – Petra, M[?], Eastern [?], Eastern [?], [?] of Bldgs   more
53) Jerash [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 53
Jerash – Jerash   more
54) Jerash [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 54
Jordan – Jerash   more
55) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 55
Jordan – Jordan – Good Shot, Jersusalm, 7th [?], Via [?] [Mary’s birthplace?] G[?] [?]   more
56) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 56
Jordan – Jordan, River Jordan, Baptism, 25ft, Shelter, Jerash [Manasis?] Church   more
57) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 57
Jordan – 50ft cancel out other CHS, Jordan CG, Jersusalem, [?] CHS, CHS, VG, [?] Temple [?], Walls of Jericho   more
58) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 58
Jordan – Mon[?], Babylon, [?] VG, Jordan, Al Aqsa, S[?] Mosque, Dome of Rock, VG Mt. Olive + Paradise Gate, Court of [Olives?], 1st S[?]   more
59) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 59
Jordan – Jordan 25ft new, Bethlehem, Ch of Nativity, Bethlehem street, Ch of Nativity, Pools of S[olomon?]    more
60) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 60
Jordan – Jordan, Mt. Olives, All Nations, Gethsemane, D[?] in Gate, [Jesus?] Tomb   more
61) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 61
Jordan – Jordan Wailing Wall, [?] [?] [Sepulcher?] no light but fun   more
62) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 62
Jordan – Jordan, Bethlehem, Petra, S[?] B[?] 25ft.   more
63) Jordan [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 63
Jordan – Jordan, [stairs?] [?] [?], Good Mt. Zion, Tower Mt. Zion [distance?] good shot   more
64) Israel [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 64
Israel – Israel C[?] Too light at end, Mt Zion, Old city, from top of [OLMCA?] 30ft   more
65) Israel [Waler Hausman--films] Reel 65
Israel – Israel, [C?] [?] Pay too bright   more
66) Israel [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 66
Israel – Israel, New Jerusalem, D[?] S[?] Stairs, All Good   more
67) Israel [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 67
Israel – Israel, Sum[?] on Mt. Galilee, not bad   more
68) Jerusalem [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 68
Jerusalem – Jerusalem from Mt of Olives, Train to Bethlehem   more
69) Galilee [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 69
Galilee – T[?], R[?], [Echiva?], Galilee 20ft   more
70) Paris [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 70
Paris – Poor light, Paris, [Eiffel?], Mass Tombs, ND Rear, ND Front, Sacré Cœur   more
71) Paris [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 71
Paris – Paris, [Rue de Gre?], Café de la Paix, Opera, Lourdes [?], 1st best, Mt.P[?]   more
72) Lourdes [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 72
Lourdes – Ok, Lourdes, Jail, Lourdes shot from Mt. [Calvary], home   more
73) Lourdes [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 73
Lourdes – Lourdes – All ok, gr[?], Church, Birthplace, Parents home   more
74) Lourdes [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 74
Lourdes – All too bright – Lourdes, Cathedral, gr[?] ok, Jerusalem Mt. Olive too bright, Wailing Wall   more
75) Brussels [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 75
Brussels – Brussels, Cathedral, Metro[?], Square, Paris and [Trier?]   more
78) Bismarck [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 78
Bismarck – Helicopter, King NG, Man [?] Palace 2nd VG, City Hall Tower   more
79) Bismarck [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 79
Bismarck – Helicopter, King NG, Man [?] Palace 2nd VG, City Hall Tower   more
80) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 80
World’s Fair – WF, Turkey, M[?] Tower, J[?] Road, Real GB, [?], Mexico, Venezuela   more
81) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 81
World’s Fair – all ok – WF – C[?], Miniature Village, Russia – US   more
82) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 82
World’s Fair – WF, UN, Atomium, Car Ride shaky at start, Up to US + Russia   more
83) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 83
World’s Fair – Good Start of Fair, VG, WF, on Cars, [?]   more
84) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 84
World’s Fair – WF, [?], USSR + US NG, Start of [?], Alo[?] Stay or closing LSNA   more
85) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 85
World’s Fair – Good, WF – Car ride fountain + B[?], [?] [?] Return [?]   more
86) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 86
World’s Fair – WF OK, Arab, [Sudan?], A[?], G[?], France, US VG   more
87) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 87
World’s Fair – WF, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, Yugoslavia [?], G use this   more
88) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 88
World’s Fair – WF Night   more
89) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 89
World’s Fair – WF on Car, S[?], Netherlands, [?], Israel, Canada, US   more
90) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 90
World’s Fair – WF, Good, Philippines NG, US VG, Russia, Ride to Fountain   more
91) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 91
World’s Fair – WF [?] NG F[?] from Atomium G   more
92) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 92
World’s Fair – WF Ok, Brewers, Wood cut, Water Wheel etc., Atomium + UN   more
93) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 93
World’s Fair – WF 1900 New, Al[?], Chapel, Old, Square, [?]   more
94) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 94
World’s Fair – WF Morocco, Phyllis, Bell Tower, Holland, Lit trees, Small City Bldgs   more
95) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 95
World’s Fair – WF Russia + US + Thailand G, Vatican, ok [?], [Buddhist?]   more
96) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 96
World’s Fair – WF Russia, Arab + US, Vatican, Argentina, Finland, Austria [?]   more
97) World's Fair [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 97
World’s Fair - WF, S[?], GB, Portugal, Monaco, Turkey   more
98) Baseball, Coronation, Hindenburg, St. Louis, Chicago, ’37 + ‘38 [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 98
Baseball, Coronation, Hindenburg, St. Louis, Chicago, ’37 + ‘38   more
99) Bombing of the U.S.S. Panya [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 99
VT Plant, Panya Kay + Bob, Broadway [Millhouse?] Title: Bombing of the U.S.S. Panya   more
100) Mary's Little Lamb [Walter Hausman--films] Reel 100
Title: Castle Films Mary’s Little Lamb   more
Nehls, Marilyn Hausman Collection
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Collection Date Range
1936 – 1958
The collection consists of 100 reels of home movies and travel films, shot by Walter Hausman. The travel films include Baghdad and Babylon in Iraq; Petra and Jerash in Jordan; Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and Galilee in Israel; Paris and Lourdes in France; Bismark in Germany; Expo'58/the Worlds Fair in Brussels, Belgium; and Bermuda. Other films include newsreels and commercial cartoons.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The films of the collection were shot or collected by Walter Hausman, who lived in Garden City, New York. The collection was passed to his daughter, Marilyn Hausman Nehls (1946-2020). Nehls passed away in April 2020, due to Covid-19. The collection was given to Stephen Desroches, who donated it to Northeast Historic Film.
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