16 Items in This Collection
1) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 1
Good one Geese + [?] #1;Snowy scene. Panning shot of the fences and enclosures covered in snow. Geese in an outdoor pen. Blurry shot of a goose and a turkey. Blurry shot of an animal pe...   more
2) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 2
Otters + Ducks #2;Ducks in an enclosure. A turkey and other birds. Geese in the snow. A turkey walking into an enclosure. A boy herding ducks. A man and a boy walking in the snow. [Over...   more
3) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 3
Quite Dark - Little Bears in Goose pool;Bear cubs behind a fence. [Water damage] A man pets a bear cub. The man leading a bear cub on a leash. Dark shot of a bear cub climbing a tree. B...   more
4) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 4
LEN TOOK 17- BEARS + BOBCATS - GOOD SM. PORTION BLANK;Two black bears, chained to wagon wheels. A person plays with a bobcat. Close up of an owl. [Dark] A man leads a black bear through...   more
5) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 5
Bears at [Renes?] Part Blank;Two black bears on leashes, playing in the water. A man and a boy holding the leashes. They lead the bears up a path. The bears climbing trees. [End of Reel...   more
6) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 6
Geese + Train o.k. Rest Blank Supposed to be fawns;Geese in a pen. Water. [Image too dark] An animal in an enclosure. An animal [Deer?] among the trees. A man driving a small train engi...   more
7) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 7
Alice Simpson;A bear cub on a leash climbing a tree. Brief shot of a town street. A person carrying a small chimpanzee. Two bears. [End of Reel]   more
8) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 8
An animal [bobcat?] in an enclosure. [Too dark to see.] A turkey. Dark shots of cats in an enclosure. Dark shots of various enclosures. A boy filling a bucket with water. Geese. A man w...   more
9) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 9
Hoppy;A person leading a chimpanzee on a leash. The chimp is wearing clothes and turning somersaults in the grass. [End of Reel]   more
10) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 10
Alice Simpson;Ducks beside a pool of water. A lion in an enclosure. Two men beside a truck. [End of Reel]   more
11) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 11
Bad one underexposed Ducks Geese Bears   more
14) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 14
Bears pretty good Last part blank Hasn’t seen would like   more
15) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 15
Practically All Blank [sm part – King & Simba?]   more
16) [Simpson Animal Park Films] Reel 16
I loused up #2 side Your sure did- Ducks + Buck – good rest blank-   more
Simpson Animal Park Collection
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The collection consists of 16 reels of silent, color 8mm film, featuring the Simpson Animal Park in Brunswick, Maine.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Simpson Animal Park was owned by Frank Tufton Simpson (1908-1975) and his wife Alice. The park opened in 1958. In 1976 the park was sold to August and Ursula Lauppe. August and Ursula were jugglers, who had toured with Laurel and Hardy, and the Harlem Globetrotters. The park closed in 1983.
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