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1) Foster Family Films, 1926-1932 [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 1
Foster Family Films 1926-32 Group I Hilda Foster Films digitized 2004;CHWF daughters playing on Castle Farm house front lawn. Reginald C Foster at beach with sisters. RCF Family dog pla...   more
2) RCFI Family, 1927-1929 [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 2
RCFI Family 1927-29 I Group 2 Films a Hilda Foster + Reg Foster digitzed 2006;Reginald & Francis Foster family movies. Features many scenes of Rockwood (Adam), Henry (CHWF II) &...   more
3) RCFI Family 2, 1927-1929, [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 3
RCFI Family 2 1927-29 Group 2 Films b Hilda Foster + Reg Foster digitized 2006;Start at majestic seaside resort. Toddler taking first steps with Francis Foster. From later vignettes to...   more
4) Autumn Coloring, 1942 [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 4
Autumn Coloring 1942 1942 - Autumn Coloring;Fall foliage color panoramas, prob. shot by Hilda Foster in Vermont. 1940s? Kodachrome color reversal film was introduced in 1935.;[Color] P...   more
5) [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 5
Group III films a digitized 2006 Adam Foster Flat 1 Home Movies - 16mm;Vignette showing CHWF I with Adam and Henry Foster, and with Reg & Peet Foster ages 2 yrs and ~6 months. Sitt...   more
6) [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 6
On Can: Group III films b digitized 2006 Adam Foster Flat 2 Home Movies - 16mm On leader: #2 Adam + Mar[?] movies 1952 + 1953 + 1954 Starts with Adam grandfather Henry P[?] Charles Riv...   more
7) [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 7
On can:Group III Films c digitized 2006 Adam Foster Flat 3 Home movies - 16mm On leader: Head Adam + M[?] movies + 1952 + 1953 + [?] Starts with Adam Grandfather Henry P[?] and R[?] At...   more
8) [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 8
Fast Forward A collection of C.H.W Foster family silent home movies 1920's to 1950's;Old telecine transfers of the 16mm films in this collection, with scene numbers superimposed at star...   more
9) [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 9
Memories Group 2 RCFI Family 1927-29 Autumn Colors 1942 [604043];Same as 3063.0002-.0004?   more
10) [C.H.W. Foster Collection--films] Reel 10
Digital reconstruction of .0008, matching same footage using new 2k scans, except for footage from .0005 (vinegar reel) which was taken from DVD + up-rezzed, plus, at the end, added all...   more
Foster, Charles Henry Wheelwright Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (2832 ft.) : si., b&w and col. ; 16mm
Collection Date Range
1926 – 1942
The collection consists of 7 reels silent, black and white, and color, 16 mm film, totaling approximately 2832 feet, as well as one VHS tape, one DVD and one born-digital compilation. The films were shot between 1926 and 1942, and feature the home movies of the family of C.H.W. Foster.
Biographical/Historical Notes

Charles Henry Wheelwright Foster (1859-1955) was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, the son of Charles Orin Foster, a Boston sugar importer. He married Mabel Hill in 1885. The couple had nine children: Charles Orin Foster (Carl) (1887-1933), Catherine Hill Tappan (Cath) (1888-1975), Reginald Candler Foster (Reg) (1889-1945), Hilda Chase Foster (1891-1974), Edith Hill Farwell (Dede) (1893-1977), Ruth Mallard Foster (1894-1896), Caroline Wheelwright Sizer (Cal) (1896-1985), Barbara Weld (Barbie) (1899-1952), and John Wheelwright Foster (1907-1913).

The family home was at the Charles River House in Needham, Massachusetts. CHW Foster was an avid yachtsman, owning a number of boats in his lifetime. The family often spent time sailing out of Marblehead, Massachusetts, and owned a summer house in Marblehead, as well as a nearby inn for sailors (today the home of the Boston Yacht Club).

The films in this collection were shot by family members of CHW Foster, in particular Hilda Chase Foster. Copies of some of the family papers, including histories, genealogies, and a book of the boats owned by CHW Foster are also housed at Northeast Historic Film. The original papers of CHW Foster and his descendants are held at the Massachusetts Historical Society, while the MIT Museum's Hart Nautical Collection has about 4300 nautical photographs, some half-models, and books in its Charles H. W. Foster Collection. 

From the donor:
"Future historians and filmmakers may well be able to enrich their accounts by cross-referencing the home movies (in Northeast Historic Film) with the diaries and letters and scrapbooks (mostly in the Massachusetts Historical Society) and with the magnificently commercially-shot still photographs (at MIT)."

Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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