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1) White Heron, The
Sarah Orne Jewett's story of Sylvy, a solitary girl caught between the admiration she feels for a young hunter and her love of nature. She is unable to help the hunter kill the white he...   more
2) Dream
Title on film: 'Dream.';A paper sign title card: ‘DREAM’. An upside-down shot of a woman. A bass plays. Backdrop: ‘1620 vs. 1920’. Close up of an embossed cover of the ‘Holy Bible’. Fir...   more
3) Blaine/Lipstick/Horse Show
A man driving through an arid landscape. A gate with a sign: ‘No Trespassing’. Drives past a sign: ‘ALL ADULTS 50’. Man smoking as he drives past cows. Lumber. Cattle. Man tossing hay t...   more
4) Fang Gang, The
Preservation answer print made from Super 8 archival master funded by 2007 Women's Film Preservation Fund grant. Lab work done by Brodsky and Treadway, Chace and Cineric. Work completed...   more
5) Christmas in Boston
'Christmas in Boston.';Title card: ‘Christmas in Boston’. Shot of wreaths and Christmas trees. A Christmas tree made of lights on top of a building. ‘Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town’ play...   more
6) Sporting Event
Boys playing baseball. A man grooming a horse. The man on horseback. Sunset over mountains. A soccer game. Shot of a toy elephant sitting on the ground. Cut back to the soccer game. Peo...   more
7) Review Nat’l Horse Show
An arena where a horse and rider are show jumping. Close shot of a horse jumping. A different horse and rider. Sped up footage of horse and rider. Shots of various horses jumping. Horse...   more
8) Lipstick '74
Date from edge code on film. // Label on film can: 'Lipstick '74.';A woman reading a magazine and drinking coffee. Washing dishes. Contains nudity, images of erotica and other photograp...   more
9) N.Y., N.Y.
Shots of the street from above. Cars and bicyclists on the street. A dog on the sidewalk. Close ups of car wheels and feet. People on the sidewalk. Children playing. Sped up footage of...   more
10) Animation 74
Hand drawn animation done with marker on paper. Blurry shots of colored lights. [End of Reel];Reel 9 JLB   more
11) N.Y., N.Y. Extra Footage
American flag seen through tree branches. A statue. Shots of people on the street, cars and buildings. Close up of a moving tire. Street seen from above. A group of Hare Krishnas. A pro...   more
12) Light Bulb Animation
Hand drawn animation, marker on paper. Moving geometric shapes. A blurry, flashing light. [End of Reel];Light Bulb Annimation Reel 11 JLB Jane Morrison 18 Gramercy Parks N.Y, N.Y. 10003   more
13) Leaves Titles
A title card decorated with leaves: ‘LEAVES’. A leaf is moved to obscure the shot. Card decorated with leaves: ‘THE END’. Close up of leaves. [End of Reel];Leaves Titles Reel 12 LB...   more
14) Home on the Farm
Close up of a black cat in the grass. A barn and field. A garden. A dog. Pigs. Shot of the barn. Laundry drying on a line. Shots of the barn. The house and cars. [End of Reel];Home on t...   more
15) Lipstick Outtakes
A woman washing dishes in a sink. Sped up footage of the woman brushing her hair and applying makeup. A bunch of roses and a book shelf. A desk with paper and markers. A bunch of wilted...   more
16) Light Effects
Various shots of rooftops, buildings, vents, chimneys, and windows. Car headlights in the dark. Windows in the dark. A pair of sandals in a patch of light on the floor. Flag in front of...   more
17) Lipstick [excerpt]
A woman leaving the house. The woman indoors putting on her jacket and selecting a flower from a vase. Multiple shots of the woman exiting the house. [End of Reel];End Backstage Reel 16...   more
18) Test Roll
A propped up sheet of lined paper that reads: ‘STABILIZATION’. A seashell on a sheet of paper: ‘At Edges of frame, of photo.’ A blurry shot of a painting of rocks. (‘Verticle Strata’ by...   more
19) Nat’l Horse Show – Outtakes
Shots of horses in the ring. Some close ups, some out of focus. Horse and rider jumping. A different horse and rider. [End of Reel];Outtakes Nat'l Horse Show Reel 18 JLB   more
20) Henry Strater: American Artist
Rocks Nudes and Flowers: A Portrait of Henry Strater, American Artist (1896- ). 'A portrait of life and works of prolific realist painter who has found in Maine the subjects he likes be...   more
21) In the Spirit of Haystack
'A film by Jane Morrison.' Made with funds from the Maine State Commission on the Arts during the filmmakers artist in residency at WCBB 1979 (per credits). Portrait of Haystack Mountai...   more
22) Muscongus Pond: A Potters's Place
Potter Connie Romero at work. She talks about relationship between her work and her cabin on the pond. Closeups of potters wheel, hands, pots being created. Fall at pond. Romero rolls p...   more
23) Children of the Northlights: A portrait of Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire
Portrait of children's book creators. Authors describe spending five years on Greek myths book. Travel with their children. One of their first books, Ola, about a Norwegian boy, precede...   more
24) EUE Optical/White Heron
#1 EUE Optical/ White Heron 26.00 3/15/78   more
25) The White Heron roughout
“The White Heron” roughout 30 minutes 11/10/77 Morrison, Jane The White Aeron IFP 78 #2 of 2   more
26) Collage-Interview '79
Collage-Interview ‘79 Jane Morrison Interview Maine Educational T.V. Mike Lewis – Interview;Scene from ‘The White Heron’: An old woman, a young man (the hunter) and a young girl (Sylvie...   more
27) Rockamerica Demo Reel
Rockamerica Demo Reel CBS Core Presentations: The Manhattans Process and the Doo Rags Michael Bolton Gladys Knight and the Pips Palladium Animation Processional 7/19/85   more
28) Jo's Bed-Sty Barbers Shop Reel 1
Jo’s Bed-Sty Barbers Shop Reel 1;A copy of 'Joe's Bed-Stuy Barbershop: We Cut Heads', an independent film by Spike Lee, produced as his master's thesis for the Tisch School of the Arts....   more
29) Harlan County Reel 1
Harlan County Reel 1 Rewind II A   more
30) Harlan County Reel 2
Harlan County Reel 2 II B   more
31) Peña Fidel y La Religión
Peña Fidel y La Religión GAMMA 234 DOBLAJES Dimension Juvenil Flans Peña en Downbeat Collage I   more
32) [Two Worlds of Angelita Interview with Jane Morrison, 1983]
Boston T.V. ‘83 Interview Angelita Two Worlds of Angelita Angelita Interview – Channel 5 T.V. Boston ‘83 Jane Morrison;A countdown. Title: ‘Aqui Presenta’. Intertitle: ‘The Two Worlds o...   more
33) Two Worlds of Angelita Part 1
1 Jane Morrison Prods. “The Two Worlds of Angelita Part #1 10/22/85 DUB J#12841 98-V #2 Morrison   more
34) Two Worlds of Angelita Part 2
2 Jane Morrison Prods. “The Two Worlds of Angelita Part #2 10/22/85 DUB J#12841 98-V #1   more
35) The Two Worlds of Angelita PSA
The Two Worlds of Angelita PSA;Title: ‘Coming October 28th for a limited two week engagement CARNEGIE HALL CINEMA’. Intertitle: ‘An unusual new film by an unusually talented new directo...   more
36) Film Clips - Angelita
Film Clips – Angelita Jane Morrison Angelita Film Clips Scene 1. Puerto Rico – grandmother, mother, Angelita 46 sec. / Drugs + Crime that’s what you find in NY 1.40 sec 2. Puerto Rico –...   more
37) The Two Worlds of Angelita PSA
The Two Worlds of Angelita PSA   more
38) Demo Reel March 1986
Demo Reel March 1986 Maureen Nappi Inc. This Demo Reel Includes: New Wave Comedy – an open for a Vestron Video release. TVTV – an open for Tokyo Music Television Brother From Another Pl...   more
39) Other Half Angelita
Other Half Angelita C.V.A #2 ‘Angelita’ – English Version Community Film Workshop Part 2 of 2 4/19/83 Los Dos Mundos De Angelita   more
40) Master Assemble
Master Assemble   more
41) Roll 1
Roll 1   more
42) Roll 2
Roll 2 Lowell Thomas Remembers 1945 2   more
43) Roll 3
Roll 3   more
44) Lipstick
Lipstick (1974) 2 Prints;Title card: ‘Lipstick’. Fade in on a magazine cover. Images of a woman preparing for the day: washing dishes, applying makeup, brushing her hair, etc., superimp...   more
45) Psychological Lab--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 2
Psychological Lab Master Copy   more
46) Trolls/Museum Scenes 1-3--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 3
Trolls Museum Scenes 1-3 6/21/1976   more
47) Trolls/Museum Scenes 4-7--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 4
Trolls Museum Scenes 4-7 6/21/1976   more
48) PNC--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 5
PNC Reel 1 of 1 8/6/1975   more
50) Tree Climbing - Jump from Oak--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 7
Tree Climbing Jump from Oak 1st Print Camera Rolls 24-28   more
51) Henry Strater--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 8
Henry Strater 35mm Mixed Mag   more
52) Muscongus Pond: A Potter's Place--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 9
Muscongus Pond: A Potter's Place Print #2   more
55) March of Dimes/Miller High Life Roundup--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 12
March of Dimes/Miller High Life Roundup McCann Erikson Miller High Life Roundup;A group of people address the camera, promoting a walk-a-thon in New York City to support of the March of...   more
56) Cony High School II--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 13
CONY High School II Color sound Answer Print   more
57) Los Dos Mundos De Angelita--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 14
Los Dos Mundos De Angelita Orig. A&B Title   more
58) Wedding March-Pomp and Circumstance--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 15
Wedding March - Pomp and Circumstance Mag, Pix   more
59) Bear Island/White Heron--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 16
Bear Island/White Heron Scene 16;Originally labeled 1245.001.067    more
60) White Heron Scene 17 Sync--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 17
White Heron Scene 17 Sync 10/5/1978;Originally labeled 1245.001.076   more
61) Subway Facts--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 18
Subway Facts Original Rolls 1, 2, 3   more
62) White Heron--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 19
White Heron Scene 34;Originally labeled 1245.001.066   more
63) White Heron--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 20
White Heron Scenes 25-28;Originally labeled 1245.001.063   more
67) Story of Sam '72--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 24
Story of Sam '72 Op. Neg. Original & Mag Trk   more
69) White Heron--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 26
White Heron Mix Tracks EFX 1&2;Originally labeled 1245.001.071 & 1245.001.076   more
70) White Heron--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 27
White Heron Mix Tracks Music 1&2;Originally labeled 1245.001.068   more
71) White Heron--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 28
White Heron Tiny Trims;Originally labeled 1245.001.069   more
73) Flower Printing--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 30
Flower Printing Orig. Col. Neg.   more
74) In the Spirit of Haystack--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 31
In the Spirit of Haystack A Wind Trk Version #2   more
75) Philippine President/Xmas & Prodx--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 32
Philippine President/Xmas & Prodx Children of North Lights   more
76) Los Dos Mundos De Angelita--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 33
Los Dos Mundos De Angelita Scenes from 'The Two Worlds of Angelita' Sample reel Jane Morrison   more
77) White Heron--Jane Morrion--film elements. Reel 34
White Heron Scenes 11 & 13, Sync Track & Sync Picture;Originally labeled 1245.064-.065   more
78) Children of the Northlights--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 35
Children of the Northlights A&B Roll   more
79) Message from Garcia/Master Smart Woman--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 36
Message from Garcia/Master Smart Woman Pict. Neg   more
81) The White Heron
White Heron Best Print;Originally labeled 1245.001.077;Intertitle: ‘Learning Corporation of America’. Intertitle: ‘THE WHITE HERON a Maine Story’. A young girl, Sylvy, looking for a los...   more
84) Story of Sam--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 40
86) Louis XVI--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 42
Louis XVI;An advertisement for the Louis XVI French restaurant. [End of Reel]   more
87) Angelita--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 43
Angelita Mixed Tracks Reels 3 and 4   more
88) Angelita--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 44
Angelita Color Internegative   more
89) Overland Limited--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 45
Overland Limited Neg. AFI Commitment to Clay   more
92) Muscongus Pottery--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 48
Muscongus Pottery A&B Orig. Neg, B Wind Trk   more
93) In the Spirit of Haystack--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 49
In the Spirit of Haystack Neg Trk, A&B Roll, Work Print Pix, 2 Small Misc. Reels   more
95) Eve--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 51
Eve Reel 1 of 1, Scenes 1-9   more
96) Ruthie, Grandma Cinderella--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 52
Ruthie, Grandma Cinderella Rolls 22 & 23   more
97) Eve--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 53
Reel 1 of 1, Scenes 1-7   more
99) Children of the Northlights Color Neg--Jane Morrison--film elements. Reel 55
Children of the Northlights Color Neg. 10/29/1976   more
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Morrison, Jane Collection
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Credit: Jane Morrison Collection, Northeast Historic Film. A woman puts on make up in Morrison's film "Lipstick," 1974
Primary Format and Extent
film (40,000 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Secondary Format and Extent
film (1,200 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 8 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1975 – 1985
The collection consists of amateur films by Jane Morrison. These include the documentaries. "Master Smart Woman" (1985), which concerns Maine author Sarah Orne Jewett, "Children of the Northlights" (1976), about children's book creators Ingri and Edgar d'Aulaire, and "Rocks Nudes and Flowers" (1975) about Maine-based painter Henry Strater. "In the Spirit of Haystack" (1979) describes Haystack School of Crafts, Deer Isle, Maine. The collection also contains educational, cultural and fiction works, including "Lipstick" (1974), "The White Heron" (1978) a short dramatic film shot in Maine and based on the same-titled Jewett story, and "The Two Worlds of Angelita, Los Dos Mundos de Angelita" (1982), a Spanish language drama about a young girl from rural Puerto Rico who moves to New York City. Also included are various experimental films, test footage, and film elements from the creation of the other projects. The collection also includes production notes, including cue sheets for 'The Two Worlds of Angelita' and 'Master Smart Woman', and a sketchbook with notes about 'In the Spirit of Haystack' and 'Muscongus Pond: A Potter's Place'.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Jane Morrison (1947-1987) was born in New Brunswick, Canada, and grew up in Gardiner, Maine. She graduated from Boston College in 1969 and received a master’s degree in media studies from Antioch College in 1975. From 1969 to 1974 she taught English and filmmaking at Cony High School in Augusta. In 1974 she moved to New York City to work as an independent filmmaker and teach at the Columbia University School of Film.  Jane made some experimental super 8 films in the early 1970’s followed by a series of documentaries. In 1983 she made her first feature-length film, 'The Two Worlds of Angelita', about the cultural dislocation of a family moving to New York from Puerto Rico. The film was partly inspired by the book 'Angelita' by Wendy Kesselman. Morrison began to receive national and international recognition for her work and in 1986 she became a participant in the USIS cultural exchange program, giving lectures and running workshops for film professionals and university groups in Africa.  In 1987, at the age of 39, she died of malaria while working in Kenya.
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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