55 Items in This Collection
1) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 1
Dog Race;Man holding a dog in a crowd. Shot of dogs hooked up to a dogsled. Cut to low shot of dogs running by pulling a sled. Pan across a crowd lined up behind a rope watching the...   more
2) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 2
Dec 30 1922 Wedding - J.F.P. [Jeannette Peabody] + LeGC [LeGrand Cannon Jr.] - Lee mother’s wedding;A staircase in a house. A wedding party walks down in pairs. First the groomsmen, t...   more
3) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 3
[Netti] + Lee III Whey [Balmies] David McCord - A.H.B.P. Caryl - [Canbridge] + 108 Event St / Summer 1927 Chocorua Nette age 3 Me age 2 - All 1927 Maine Sept. Pleasent Lake ME + Nette...   more
4) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 4
Mom + Dad at Pleasent Lake Sept 1927 - 1928 London L.G.C. Jr Children at 108 Everet St. - 1928 Tamworth Fair and Chocorua - 1929 Feb Children at Laurel Rd;Shot of two men with backpacks...   more
5) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 5
England early 1929;People in carriages and cars on the street. People and carriages in Piazza del Duomo, Florence. A woman walking in an amphitheater. An ox cart. A man on the street sp...   more
6) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 6
London + Paris 1929 - 108 Everet St. at End;Policemen on horseback. Shot of a wagon carrying barrels. Shot of the Spanish Steps in Rome. Cut to various shots of zoo animals in enclosure...   more
7) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 7
1929 June Children at Laurel Rd - Wint + Lee Chocorua July + Aug 1929 - Chocorua Wint, Lee 3rd late August 1929 - London to Paris Snow man children Dec 7 1929;A baby (Winthrop, ‘Wint’)...   more
8) Yale - Army Football Game in Yale Bowl
Yale - Army 1929 (print) Opening title:” Phelpsfilms, Inc presents the Yale - Army Football Game in Yale Bowl, October 26, 1929”;Title Card: ‘PHELPSFILMS, INC. present the YALE – ARMY...   more
9) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 9
New Haven + Chocorua Early Summer 1930 - Children Summer 1930 Choc 56 Laurel Rd Winter 1930-31 - Lee III birthday Sept 21, 1931 Chocorua;Two children (Lee and Nette) playing in the yard...   more
10) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 10
Children New Haven Feb 1932 - Wint in snow New Haven Summer in Chocorua - Van Dyke children Thanksgiving 1933 Blizzard Feb 1934 - Summer 1934 2 Boys + Peggy Winter at end;Two boys (Wint...   more
11) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 11
July + Aug Choc children Swift River picnic - First movies with Peggy Chocorua Fall 1934 - June 1935 Lee, Wint, Peggy 56 Laurel Rd - New Haven about 1935 w/ Peggy + Nett;Shot of the cor...   more
12) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 12
Chocorua summer 1936 - Laurel Rd Wedding July 1936 - Chocorua summer 1937 - Peggy’s birthday party 1938 New Haven;Title card: 'Agfa 1936.' A girl (Peggy) on a swing. A boy (Wint) on the...   more
13) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 13
1938 Warm day in spring - Going to Bermuda - Bermuda Island picnic out of bounds party - Chocorua summer 1938 - Late Oct winter New Haven w/ [Ceo?] + Slades;Two boys digging in the yard...   more
14) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 14
1939 Georgia in spring - Georgia II 1939 - Chocorua + Swift River 1938 + 1939;Shots of houses and landscape. A woman walking up a path. A man and a car parked on the side of the road. C...   more
15) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 15
Beufort SC 1940 I - Boat trip to Savannah Tidalholm;Shot of buildings, with a sign that says ‘Beaufort & Savannah Line’. People on a boat. People on the dock. Panning shot of houses...   more
16) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 16
Beufort SC 1940 II;Three children next to the water. Cut to two men and two children standing on the side of a road. A man standing on a dock with a camera as a boat approaches. Men loa...   more
17) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 17
Box: Peggy’s birthday also Chocorua 1940 Note: 1940 Peggy’s birthday [part Apr.] 28th summer in Chocorua N.H.;Group of girls gathered for Peggy’s birthday. The girls stand in two lines...   more
18) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 18
Chocorua Late Summer 1940 - Atlantic City Late October 1940 - Madison Beach Conn. Spring 1941. George, Lee III, [Faust?], [Wust?], Peggy, Papa + Mama Too;Children and a dog climbing ro...   more
19) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 19
Summer 1942 I - George Brown - Puddle [Jumper] - Peggy [?] Sailboat with Lee + Lee III;A man cuts ferns with a scythe in the woods as a girl rides up on a horse. A girl on a horse and c...   more
20) [Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies] Reel 20
Harry + [Lewis] New Haven - New Haven Fall 1941 - [Seron’s Stowe March 1942];A woman pushes a girl on the swing. A boy (Lee) fixing a bicycle. A girl (Peggy) playing with a dog. A boy (...   more
21) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 21
St. Columbans 1955 - 1956 Fr. Scully Bishop H. Henry Field Day - Wedding, Essi, Morgrage, Mary Ellen, + other;Three women and a man in a small motorboat. A seagull standing on a rock in...   more
22) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 22
Family Hash Reel 1;Nuns gathered on the beach. Women and nuns gathered around cars. Shot of a sign with a witch on a broomstick, reading ‘Historic 6 Trail’. Shot of a sign, reading: ‘Ho...   more
23) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 23
Family Hash Reel 2 1955-1959 / Family Hash Reel 3 1958-1960;Family gathered around the Christmas tree. Children playing with toys. A bride and groom exit a church. Bride and groom getti...   more
24) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 24
1956;Shots of the outside of a house. A large stone building. Panning shots of the garden. A statue in front of the building. A priest. A graveyard. Shot of the National Memorial Arch a...   more
25) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 25
1957;Shot of a sign, ‘BROOKGREEN GARDENS OPEN 9. A.M. TO 5.30 P.M. ADMISSION FREE’. (South Carolina) Various shots of a road. Statues in the gardens. Close up of an alligator in the wat...   more
26) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 26
1958;A statue of Mary with lambs and children praying. A sign at the base of the statue says ‘Our Lady’s Prayer’, “O my Jesus, forgive us our sins! Save us from the fires of hell! Bring...   more
27) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 27
Green R.I. - Nantucket, [Mont?] - Aurisville, NY 1958 - Coraleers Beach Party 1958 or 59;The Breakers, Vanderbilt mansion in Rhode Island. Shot of the front of a church. A girl standing...   more
28) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 28
1959;Sign: ‘Entering Scenic West Virginia, Drive Safely, Speed Limit 55, Trucks 40’. Sign for the ‘Ohio State Line’ on bridge girders. Shot of the Ohio Statehouse. Sign: ‘Welcome to Ken...   more
29) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 29
1960 Reel 1;Shot of the road filmed from a car window, with a sign for the Mass. Pike. Sign: ‘Entrance, Massachusetts Turnpike’. Road sign: ‘Welcome to New York State Thruway Berkshire...   more
30) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 30
1960 Reel 2;Sign: ‘Lansing Service Clubs, Olds Hotel.’ Street sign: ‘S. Capitol Ave.’ Sign: ‘State Capitol Building’. The front of the Michigan State Capitol building. Signs for parking...   more
31) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 31
1961 Reel 1;A man (Lee III) packing a car. A woman holding a baby. A girl and a baby walking on the driveway. Sign: ‘Entrance, Massachusetts Turnpike’. Sign: ‘Massachusetts Turnpike.’ A...   more
32) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 32
Labor Day 1961;Sign: ‘Wel—me -o New York, The Empire State.’ Sign: ‘New York State Maximum Speed 50 MPH.’ Sign: ‘Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site.’ Shots of the mansion. Sign:...   more
33) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 33
1961 Vac, Lee IV, First x-mas 1961;Sign: ‘Welcome to Illinois, Please Drive Carefully.’ Sign: ‘Lincoln Trail Home Site, 3 MI.’ Sign: ‘Site of the Lincoln Cabin.’ Sign: ‘Springfield 8330...   more
34) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 34
Diane 1962;A woman (Diane?) in formal dress. People gathered outside. Shot of a sign on a building: ‘Jeanne D’Arc Academy, Cardinal Cushing Hall.’ (Milton, Massachusetts, now a part of...   more
35) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 35
1962 Milton Tercent + Vac;Banner: ‘Milton Tercentenary, 1662 – 1962.’ Sign: ‘Phineas Davenport House, 1802.’ Shot of the front of a house, a woman and a baby entering the front door. Wi...   more
36) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 36
1963 Vac Reel 1;Shots dark and blurry. A bride and groom dancing. A boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV) looking out a car window. A man walking out of a house. Signs for the Mass. Pike seen t...   more
37) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 37
1963 Vac Reel 2;Sign: ‘Visit, Old Abilene Museum.’ (Kansas) Shot of a reproduction of a log cabin. Wide shot of the buildings that make up the museum. Horses in a pen. Sign: ‘Great West...   more
38) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 38
1963 Vac Reel 3;Adults and children at an outdoor birthday party. Close up of a boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV). Shots of the birthday cake. Children opening presents. Lee IV on a toy tru...   more
39) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 39
1964 New Port + Vac;Sign: ‘Newport Hospital.’ Sign: ‘The Breakers.’ Shots of the Breakers mansion and grounds. Shots of the Marble House mansion. Panning shots of mansions along the wat...   more
40) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 40
1965 + 1966 Reel 1;A boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV) on a slide. Children on a slide. Cut to the Stowe House (Harriet Beecher Stowe House) in Brunswick, ME. Road sign: ‘International Brid...   more
41) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 41
1966 Reel 2;People in period dress gathered around a car. Horse drawn wagons. A parade. A man (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon III) wearing a Camp WCS Chocorua. People gathered in the woods by the...   more
42) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 42
1967 Reel 1;A boy and a girl (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV and Laura Cannon) playing on a playground. Lee IV and Laura playing in the woods, pile people prepare a picnic in the background. L...   more
43) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 43
1967 Reel 2;The silhouette of the Old Man of the Mountain. (Franconia, New Hampshire) Sign: ‘Welcome to Polar Caves.’ Panning shot of the mountains. A man (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon III) and...   more
44) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 44
1968 Vacation Reel 1;Panning shot of a field and a city skyline. Close up of a cross on the side of a building. Cut to children playing in the woods. A man (LeGrand "Lee" III) and two c...   more
45) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 45
1968 Vacation Reel 2;Children playing on a playground. A park by a stream. Cannons aimed at the water. A man in uniform. A marching band. Sign: ‘Fort Entrance This Way.’ Marching band i...   more
46) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 46
1968 Vacation Reel 3;Children (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV, Laura Cannon and another child) on a swing set. A man (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon III), Lee IV and Laura playing. Shot of a cathedral s...   more
47) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 47
1969 Reel 1;A child hanging off a sign post in the snow. Sign: ‘Harbor View Rd.’ Children playing in the snow. Shots of a house. A snow plow. Children getting on a school bus. A man (Le...   more
48) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 48
1969 Reel 2;Too blurry to see. Sign: ‘Site of Dinosaur Tracks.’ Shot of dinosaur track. Too dark to see. Carnival rides. A boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV) on a bicycle. The family gathere...   more
49) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 49
1970;People shoveling snow. Wide shot of the neighborhood in the snow. People whipping snow off a car. A dog playing in the snow. A fire truck parked on the street. People gathered outs...   more
50) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 50
1971 Vacation Nova Scotia (So far) and others;A boy and a girl (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV and Laura Cannon) in a parking lot. Cut to a close up of a dog. Lee IV playing in the hockey in t...   more
51) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 51
1972 Horses, Laura Cannon;Children climbing a ladder up to a house roof. A girl (Laura Cannon) jumping rope. Children on a carnival ride. People on a ferris wheel. Children playing in t...   more
52) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 52
Horses 1973, Laura Cannon [Christmas sequence with 1961 edgecode, processed 3/64);A dirt bike race. A boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV) with a camera. Blurry shot inside a church. A man (Le...   more
53) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 53
A man (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon III) and a woman (Marie?) on a swing. Lee and Marie walking in a garden. A baby on a blanket outside. A boy (LeGrand "Lee" Cannon IV), a girl (Laura Cannon)...   more
54) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 54
1974 - 1976;A crowd of people watching a parade. Close up of a float for the Milton Public School. Girls carrying flags. More shots of the parade. Children on a rope swing and playgroun...   more
55) [Marie and LeGrand Cannon III--home movies] Reel 55
1976 Animals at the zoo - 1976 Whitney’s last day, boring parade - 1977 Dark Lee [X-C] in backyard, Valbaweeb in backyard, Frisky in backyard;Lions in a cage. Bears in an enclosure. A g...   more
Cannon, LeGrand Jr. Collection
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Credit: LeGrand Cannon Jr. Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Jeannette Peabody Cannon with Balloons. New Haven, circa 1938.
Primary Format and Extent
film (16,150 ft.) : si., b&w and col. ; 16 mm
Collection Date Range
1926 – 1976
The collection consists of the [LeGrand Cannon III and Jeannette Peabody Cannon--home movies], 55 reels of 16mm film totaling approximately 16,150 feet, shot between 1926 and 1976. The films consist of home movies shot in New Hampshire and Connecticut with vacation footage throughout the United States. Jeannette Peabody Cannon shot the first 20 reels of film from 1926-1942 and her son LeGrand Cannon III and his wife Marie Cassidy Cannon shot the remaining 35 reels from 1954-1976. The films include footage of family activities and travel.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Jeannette Peabody Cannon married LeGrand Cannon Jr. in 1922. LeGrand Cannon Jr. (1899-1979) was an author whose most famous work 'Look to the Mountain' was inspired by the couple's summer home in New Hampshire. They had four children: Jeannette Cannon Glaws, Margaret Peabody Cannon, Winthrop Peabody Cannon, and LeGrand Cannon III. Jeannette Peabody Cannon died in 1948. LeGrand Cannon III was born September 21, 1925 in New Haven, Connecticut and died January 24th, 1999 in Chocorua, New Hampshire. In 1954 he married M. Marie Cassidy and the couple moved to Milton, Massachusetts. They had two children, LeGrand Cannon IV and Laura-Marie Pond Cannon.
Travel, Family, Religion
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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