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1) Maine and New Hampshire ca. 1929--Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies. Reel 1
Men moving hay onto a wagon. Moving hay into a barn. Intertitle: ‘IT WAS HOT WORK!’ Men standing in an empty wagon. Intertitle: ‘UNLOADING AT THE BARN CONRAD ON “HAT”’. A boy on horseba...   more
2) Maine and New Hampshire, ca. 1929--Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies. Reel 2
Two people raising an American flag up a flagpole. People cutting brush. Two children in the back of a car. A man (Uncle Charles) and a dog (Ted). Charles sharpening a scythe. Charles c...   more
3) Maine and New Hampshire, ca. 1929--Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies. Reel 3
A group of people and a dog. A man places a sign for ‘Windy Ledge’, as two others watch. Placing stones around the sign. Shot of the sign. Close up of a boy with a bird on his head. A b...   more
4) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 7B
Can/box notes: '1933 1st [foot] torn.' 'Soft ball BW and ferns last. Maxim 97th.' 'Nellie sweeping steps.';A group of children and adults people throwing large, inflated balls to each o...   more
5) Maine and New Hampshire, ca. 1929--Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies. Reel 4
Shot of the Windy Ledge house. (Paris, Maine) A wood-sided car drives past. Children walking through a field. Orchard trees. Intertitle: ‘MRS. MAXIM AGE 93 CUTS HER BIRTHDAY CAKE.’ A gr...   more
6) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 1
Intertitle: ‘SUMMER ACTIVITIES AT PARIS, MAINE 1929’. People raking hay with pitchforks. Intertitle: ‘THE HAYING CREW’. Close up of a group of people. Intertitle: ‘THE YOUNGEST HELPERS...   more
7) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 2
Intertitle: ‘“UNCLE ELL” MOWING AT WINDY LEDGE’. A man sitting in an orchard. Uncle Ell driving a horse-drawn mower going through a field. Intertitle: ‘WINDY LEDGE WHITE MOUNTAINS IN DI...   more
8) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 3
Box notes: 'Begins with road at W.L. Haying, Maxim (year of Lennie and Gammon). also Helen Colby and ? Stearns. Eclipse. 1932.';Panning shot of a dirt road, a stone wall and the landsca...   more
9) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 4
A car pulling logs with a trailer as people cling to the back. Unloading the logs. A man sorting apples on an outdoor table. Panning shot of a field, stone wall and mountains beyond. Ba...   more
10) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 7A
Can/box notes: 'Akers painting girl.';A girl posing for a man painting her portrait. A close up of the girl. [End of Reel]   more
11) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 8
A waterfall in the woods. A woman climbing a cliff. The woman climbing on rocks by a stream. Close up of ferns. [End of Reel]   more
12) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 9
Can/box notes: 'Flowers at least at start.';Close up of flowers (trillium). A graveyard. A man driving two yoked cows up a dirt road. Close up of the cows. Ferns by a stone wall. An orc...   more
13) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 10
A picnic at a table outdoors. [End of Reel]   more
14) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 11
Can/box notes: 'Ducks etc.';Flock of ducks in a pond. [End of Reel]   more
15) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 12
People sledding and people clearing the sledding run. [End of Reel]   more
16) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 5
Women in dresses and bonnets in a carriage. A man in period dress. People pose for the camera, wearing 18th century dress. A boy riding an antique bicycle (penny-farthing/velocipede). A...   more
17) [Wright Family--home movies] Reel 1
Box notes for Reel 1: Anna Madison and Archibald Murray, married 28 August 1939.;Donor's notes: 'Shot by Elizabeth Woodman Wright, aunt on Catuit, Cape Cod, MA.';A bride and groom (Anna...   more
18) [Wright Family--home movies] Reel 2
Box notes for Reel 2: Aagot Caroline Horn and Walter Woodman Wright, married 16 November 1941. By Odd Wennberg.;Donor's notes: 'Shot by Odd Wennberg, uncle of the bride, at the First Pa...   more
19) [Wright Family--home movies] Reel 3
Box notes for Reel 3: Elizabeth Jane Hilgendorff and Charles Conrad Wright, married 4 September 1948.;Donor's notes: 'Shot by Mr. ? Nielson, brother of the bride, in Elizabeth, N.J., br...   more
20) [Wright Family--home movies] Reel 4
Box notes for Reel 4: Caroline Aagot Wright, aged two or three, 1947? By Christmas tree and riding tricycle. Last segment: Roger and Beverly and lambs.;Donor's notes [for wedding segmen...   more
21) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 1
Label on box: 'Pinkham Lodge, C.P.R. [?], Northern Peaks, N.H.' Date from edge code.;Shots of a lake and mountains. Cliff face on the shore. Mountains. Waterfalls. A deer in a field, wa...   more
22) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 2
Label on box: 'Nature Film'. Date from edge code.;Close up shots of flowers and leaves. Fiddlehead ferns and a stone wall. Ferns and flowers. Leaves. Ferns. Plants. A graveyard. Flowers...   more
23) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 3
Label on box: 'San Francisco, Vancouver. Jerslet [?] Inlet. by Walter Woodman Wright' Date from edge code.;Landscape and a town filmed from an airplane. Clouds. Coastline. Bridge. City...   more
24) [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 6
A baby walking in a field. The baby with a doll. A child walking past hooked rugs hung on a laundry line outdoors. Close ups of the hooked rugs depicting animals, landscapes, people, an...   more
25) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 4
Label on box: 'Bubblet Bladder Film' Date from edge code;A boy hiking up a hill. Ferns. A lamp on a table. [End of Reel]   more
26) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 5
Label on box: 'Niagara Falls' Date from edge code.;Top of Niagara Falls. Bottom of the falls. Pheasants. Wider shots of the falls. Panning across the falls. Top of the falls. The cloud...   more
27) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 6
Label on box: 'Walter Woodman Wright and Mr. Alexander, Mensondieck Posture' Date from edge code.;Intertitle: “A TRIP TO SOME OF OUR BOARDING HOMES”. A dog in the yard in front of a lar...   more
28) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 7
Continuation of Reel 6 Date from edge code;Two boys in swimsuits/underwear doing synchronized stretching exercises. [End of Reel]   more
29) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 8
Label on box: 'Mt. Washington Cog RR';The cog railroad train going up Mount Washington. (New Hampshire) Shot of the mountains with the train in the foreground. People walking beside the...   more
30) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 9
Label on box: 'Crystal Spring (?), E.B. Phenix, BW & Mary, Ebony, Splen...' Date from edge code.;Plants. Flowers (strawberry blossoms). A truck full of hay coming up a dirt road. A...   more
31) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 10
Label on box: 'Cousins Brooks at Concord' ;Three men and a child stand by a bridge. A sign reads: “1775-1925 Concord Fights”. A statue of a man with a plow (Minuteman Statue). Inscripti...   more
32) Miscellaneous [Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies] Reel 11
Label on box: 'Wesselhoft [?] at Lowell St., Bill & Peter' ;Short clip of two women in period dress fighting. (Clip from ‘The Spanish Dancer’, 1923) Cut to three boys climbing a tre...   more
33) [Cinegraph Previews] Reel 12
Kodak 'Cinegraph Previews' reel. Clips from: 'The Milky Way', 'Grass', 'Behind the Front', 'The Spanish Dancer';Intertitle: 'These scenes from Kodak Cinegraphs, new releases each month,...   more
34) Paris Hill. Reel 13
Independent feature taped off-air. Followed by home video ('Marshall Wilcoxen's Home Movies') at premiere at Coolidge Theatre, Boston, July 2, 1994   more
35) Paris Hill Supplement. Reel 14
'Paris Hill, Behind the scenes' outtakes and production footage from 'Paris Hill' feature. Reference Copy only.   more
Wright, Walter Woodman Collection
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Credit: Walter Woodman Wright Collection. Northeast Historic Film. Filming a solar eclipse, 1932.
Primary Format and Extent
film (3,000 ft.) : si., b&w ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1929 – 1948
The collection consists of 28 reels of film. The Elizabeth Woodman Wright--home movies consist primarily of scenes of summer activities at Windy Ledge Farm in Paris, Maine. Footage has intertitles and shows plowing and harvesting with horse-powered equipment, working in the orchard, picnic outings, family pets, cutting trails and shingling the barn. Fiddler Mellie Dunham appears, playing outdoors. Wikipedia
Biographical/Historical Notes
The properties shown in the film, in Paris, Maine, were held by two adjacent titles: one farm by L.E. ("Uncle El") Thayer, the other, Windy Ledge Farm, by Prof. C.H.C. Wright.

Elizabeth Woodman Wright, (1885-1961) married to Charles Henry Conrad Wright, (1869-1957) did most of the filming with a Kodak camera she purchased in 1928. The Wright family lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, most of the year, spending the summer in Maine. Elizabeth Woodman Wright and C.H.C. Wright had three sons: Walter Woodman Wright, (1915-1995) Charles Conrad Wright (1917-2011) and Brooks Wright. (1922-2005) Walter Woodman Wright would go on to study at Harvard and Columbia University, before working as a librarian at a variety of universities. He married Aagot Horn (1915-2008) in 1941.

Wright Family Papers, 1826-2003 Massachusetts Historical Society includes papers of professor C. H. C. Wright (husband), the papers of Elizabeth Woodman Wright (creator), and the papers of Walter Woodman Wright (son and donor).

Vivian Milner Akers, (1866-1966) an artist from Norway, Maine, is shown painting a portrait. Mellie Dunham (1853-1931) was a fiddle player, also from Norway, Maine.
People and Organizations
Wright Family
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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