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1) Turn of the Tide
Dramatic film about formation of a Maine fishermen's cooperative shot in Port Clyde, Maine, with an unsynchronized sound track. The cast is local fishermen. Funded by The Cooperative Le...   more
2) Finest Kind
Vinalhaven Island lobstering. Includes interviews with Vinalhaven residents.   more
3) Arctic Thrills
NHF cataloguer's notes, 3/96: 'They're off to the land of the eskimo.' Small two masted schooner under sail. 'Headed Baffin Bay-wards.' Schooner in heavy 'following' sea. Lee rail wash....   more
4) Louise and Walter, Vinalhaven, July and August, 1939--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 1
"July and August 1939, Louise and Walter, V.H.";Two women in front of house with American flag. Street scene. Man walking down street. Fourth of July decorations. Woman with water in ba...   more
5) Pete, August and September, 1939--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 2
"Aug. & Sept. 1939, Pete";Group of people in yard. Woman dancing. Men boxing. Men carrying canoe. Family in front of house. People in yard. Two dogs playing. Woman rolling down hill. Pa...   more
6) Vinalhaven and Lane's Island, July, 1939--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 3
"July 19, 1939, views of V.H. and Lane's Island";Pans along horizon of town and water. Houses. Cemetery. Shoreline. Woman on rocks at shore. Houses and buildings. People in front of hou...   more
7) Seal Bay, June and July, 1940--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 4
"June and July 1940, Fog, Mrs. Levfest [?], Seal Bay, Levfests" ;Interiors of house. Women on shore. Ferry arrives. Woman sitting on rock. Group shots. Woman in rowboat. Women sunbathin...   more
8) Saddleback Island and Matinicus Isle, circa 1940--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 5
"Saddle-back, Matinicus";Passengers on motorboat. Approach island and lighthouse. Land on island using chair swing. Shots of lighthouse. Leave island. Approach second island. Landing. L...   more
9) Vinalhaven scenes, 1940-1942--R. Mont Airy--home movies. Reel 6
"Sept. 1940 and Sept. 1941-June 1942, Mill, Wayside Inn, Vinalhaven in Winter, Memorial Day, V.H., Last trip of steamboat, Edith's picnic" ;Rainbow. Cars loading on ferry. Departure. On...   more
10) Vinalhaven, Rockland, and Camden, 1941--R. Mont Airy--home movies. Reel 7
"July/Aug, 1941, Bill Lane and Emily, Mont cleaning boat, trip to Rockland (Camden), Picnic at B[?]'s, Picnic L[?], Mont & boat, Inside pictures, V.H., Old [?] well" ;Elderly couple...   more
11) Western New York, 1939--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 8
"First films, Rochester, Niagara Falls, Canandaigua, Durand-Eastman Park, Forest Lawn";Color home movies of 1939 scenes throughout Western New York, including Niagara Falls, Rochester,...   more
12) Rochester, New York, 1940-1941--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 9
"January 1940, Mostly Rochester; Lora, Louise Walter, Inside pictures, [?], Don & Becky, also Jen, Liza, Don, Becky, 1 year later";Color home movies of Rochester, New York, shot over 19...   more
13) Vinalhaven, Concord, Massachusetts, 1941--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 10
"June-July 1941, new camera, Concord bridge, Dad's grave, V.H., U. Haven landing, Long Cove [?], mother & Frances, pulling up flagpole, Evelyn, [?]" On reel: "Mary Baker Eddy's tomb; wa...   more
14) Massachusetts and Rochester, New York, 1947--R. Mont Arey--home movies. Reel 11
"Newburyport Turnpike, Sees & Elliots, gulls, Mont rowing, Webster Park, Thomas, Mabel Evarts, Bee Boman & husband"   more
15) Vinalhaven People
1:03:19: pan of town, boats in harbor, loading trucks with fork lift, sea gulls, men sitting on main street on benches, brief comments from residents about how long they have lived in V...   more
16) Vinalhaven People IV
1:38:19, titles, zoom in on harbor and town, intervies with residents about Vinalhaven [throughout], captain and crew of ferry, views of storefronts on Main Street, photographer, flower...   more
17) Vinalhaven People II
1:14:20 titles, pans of town and harbor, sea gulls, interviews with residents [throughout], storefronts on Main Street, granite sculpting, lobstering, painter's studio, boats, town scen...   more
18) Vinalhaven People III
1:28:37, titles, interviews of residents about Vinalhaven [throughout], shots of town and harbor, boats, buildings along water, 1:38:12 end.   more
Vinalhaven Historical Society Collection
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Collection Identifier(s)
[Arey, R. Mont--home movies] COLLECTION LEVEL RECORD, 1818
R. Mont Arey
Credit: R. Mont Arey home movies, Vinalhaven Historical Society Collection, Northeast Historic Film.
Primary Format and Extent
17 film reels and 1 video cassette
Collection Date Range
1939 – 1983
The Vinalhaven Historical Society Collection consists of two reels of 16 mm. film, four reels of Super 8 mm. film, eleven reels of 8 mm. film, and one ¾” U-Matic video cassette. The collection includes the home movies shot by Vinalhaven resident R. Mont Arey between 1939 and 1947; Turn of the Tide, a 1943 docudrama exploring the history and formation of a fisherman’s cooperative in Port Clyde; The Finest Kind, a 1976 documentary on Vinalhaven Island lobstering; the four-part documentary, Vinalhaven People, shot between 1981 and 1983 by Richard W. Morehouse; and, Arctic Thrills, a 1941 Castle Films production.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Vinalhaven Historical Society was founded in 1963 to collect, identify, preserve, exhibit, interpret and make available for education and research, information and artifacts which illuminate the history of Vinalhaven and its families from its beginning to the present. The Society has an extensive collection of photographic, genealogical and vital records. The Museum houses artifacts from the Civil War, Vinalhaven schools, homes, farms and the fishing, horse net and granite industries. R. Mont Arey was born in Vinalhaven in 1887, the son of Rufus Arey II (1843-1905). Following service in World War I, he married Emily E. MacArthur. His home on Lane's Island, built in the early 1800s, was one of the oldest on the island. He became a nationally known clarinetist, playing with the Detroit and Rochester Symphony Orchestras. He taught at the Eastman School of Music until his retirement in 1954.
People and Organizations
R. Mont Arey
Northeast Historic Film
Access is restricted; consult repository for detail.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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