23 Items in This Collection
1) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 1
Allagash, 1937 -- good   more
2) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 2
Log cabin, church gatherings, family gatherings, trains, tractors, beautiful fire display, waterfall.   more
3) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 3
1939 World's Fair (Jan-Jun);1939 Worlds Fair - Ford building, Statue of Liberty, Cruise Ship (Queen Mary), Zoo - Lion, Tiger, Rhino, Giraffe, Baseball, Highway, New York City scenes, (N...   more
4) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 4
Trip to San Francisco;Intertitle: "Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society" Trains, Muir Woods, Trolley cars.   more
5) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 5
ABC 1948;Aroostock Bible Camp   more
7) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 7
Camp horses, 1952   more
8) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 8
ABC 1950;Aroostock Bible Camp, Missionaries, Baptism   more
9) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 9
ABC '52 Allagash Trip;Aroostock Bible Camp - Baptism, Swimming.   more
10) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 10
ABC 52;Aroostock Bible Camp   more
11) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 11
Niagara Falls Flowers in T[?], Dog, Ocean, YP   more
13) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 13
Ladies with hats on the beach, Small gathering, a woman with a baby.   more
14) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 14
People wearing costumes, Wedding, Canoeing, Gathering of people at a party-like setting, Children sewing.   more
16) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 16
Margarite funeral, Feb 1940, Lee Family Allagash 1941 Arrival at Wheaton Lee Family   more
17) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 17
Naval boat (?), Parade, Boy scouts plaque, Log cabin decorations (Model Ship), Boy scouts.   more
21) [Allagash Home Movies] Reel 21
The Grand Canyon - Castle Films   more
Kelley, Karl and Sylvia Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (2000 ft.) : si., b&w and col. ; 8mm
Secondary Format and Extent
film (400 ft.) : si., col. ; 16 mm
Collection Date Range
1937 – 1968
The collection consists of 21 reels of 8mm film totaling approximately 2000 feet, 1 reel of Super 8 film totaling approximately 25 feet, and 1 reel of 16 mm film, totaling approximately 400 feet. The films include Kelley family home movies from Allagash. Also includes church gatherings, family gatherings, 1939 World's Fair, New York City scenes, ice skating, Aroostock Bible Camp, beach scenes, parade scenes, Boy Scout footage, etc.
Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See http://oldfilm.org/content/stock-footage-licensing for more information.
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