13 Items in This Collection
1) [Good Will - Hinckley School, Hinckley golf and ice]
[Hinckley Golf and Ice]: 1100 ft., 6 reels, includes negative copy of 5046-01 Womens Golf, Good Will Ideal, Good Will Ideal print 2, Hinckley at the Monuments, Old Field House.   more
2) [Good Will - Hinckley School, 'Recruiting Film']
'Recruiting Film,' various elements: - 600 ft., 16 mm. B-wind optical track, - 1,200 ft. 16 mm. original reversal A and B rolls - 1600 ft. original outtakes (?) color on several reels i...   more
3) [Good Will - Hinckley School, outtakes]
[Outtakes]: 4000 ft., 16mm on two reels, label says 'needs splicing'   more
4) [Good Will Idea and Scenes from School]
Can notes for two reels: '1936. Black and white film. Footage of G.W. Hinckley. Sunrise [?]. Cutting ice on Kennebec.' '1936. G.W. Hinckley (with sound). Reinsophy speech.' NHF notes: S...   more
5) The Good Will Idea
No description available   more
6) Truth About Taxes
Educational film showing brief scenes of industry (foundry farming, building motors). Interviews with taxpayers. War footage of planes and aerial bombing, destruction of cities, victims...   more
7) Willkie-McNary Know Their Farming
Overview of farm and barn, mountains, plains, lakes, a rodeo. Dialogue between Willkie and McNary in front of flag. Willkie at a farm talking to farmers, pumping and drinking water, roa...   more
8) We the People
Various Philadelphia scenes. Dissolve to recreation of founding father giving speech, fade to CU of Constitution, fade back to founding father discussing something with Colonial woman....   more
9) [Scenes at Hinckley School for Boys]
Farming scenes with tractor and various machinery. Boys pick and bag potatoes. Truck picks boys up. Sheep farming with lambs, ewes; sheep herding, chicken farming with CU's of chicks. C...   more
10) [Good Will Idea and Trees]
Same footage as 5045-01-HINK-40 film but also has the same 'Goodwill Idea' short from 5044-01-HINK-40 video, plus a short entitled 'Trees'. Organist Jesse Crawford plays over footage of...   more
11) [Hinckley footage]
Reel notes: 'Film I. 1941. Color: Graduation, chapel. G.W. at Murrat tallets. calendula Sunday. Robinson Stockade. Campus buildings. Classroom interiors. Senior spring with H.G.W. Museu...   more
12) [Hinckley school sports]
Ca.1940 Dupont film. Nice silhouette shots of golfing, CU of female golfer, small group of golfers walking the course, at the putting green. Small town football match. LS of various pla...   more
13) [Hinckley school environment]
Hand drawn title. Footage difficult to view on Moviscop: 'Overview of river and forest,' man leaning against gas driven snow tractor, pan of snow tractor and the carts of logs it is pul...   more
Good Will-Hinckley Collection
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Carlton Brown
Credit: Good Will-Hinckley Collection, Northeast Historic Film. George W. Hinckley, 1940.
Primary Format and Extent
film (2,300 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Secondary Format and Extent
video (80 min.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 3/4 in.
Collection Date Range
1931 – 1941
Collection contains footage of the Good Will-Hinckley School, a farm school in Fairfield, Maine, with scenes of surroundings and various school activities such as farming, ice cutting, sports and graduations. The films show students with livestock and harvesting potatoes, sawing wood in winter, playing football and golf, and attending church services. "The Good Will Idea" (1940) was produced by Carlton Brown. The founder, George Walter Hinckley, explains why he built the community. Collection also contains three promotional films produced by the Republican National Committee ca. 1940: "The Truth About Taxes" presents views of U.S. taxes and interviews with taxpayers superimposed with scenes of industry, war and the German Nazi movement; "We the People" recreates Philadelphia scenes of the U.S. Constitution founding fathers; and "Willkie-McNary Know Their Farming" shows two farmers at work. VHS tape is "CBS Sunday Morning" with a Charles Kuralt story on the school.
Biographical/Historical Notes
George Walter Hinckley founded the farm school based on his philosophical concept of "reinsophy" (religion, intellectualism, society, and physical fitness). Carlton Brown was a board member of Good Will-Hinckley. The Good Will-Hinckley School continues to operate on a 2,450-acre campus with the papers of the organization on site. WorldCat George W. Hinckley published "The Story of Good Will Farm" and many other works. WorldCat
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