59 Items in This Collection
1) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 1
Movies #1 1942 Char. Al. Helen, Dick, Gary [?] Phil, Annie, Marge, Laurie Dick Staib Scenes at Saugatnck reservoir Close up of Phil. Phil in bassinet on back porch, Eating in high chair...   more
2) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 2
#2 1942-1943 Char. Pop, Mom, Philly, Laurie, Fran. Dorthy Jim, Marye, Joe, Dot, Fran, Annie Dot, Joe, John, Girlfriend, Dick Staib, Dan, John + Betty Z. Steve, Steve's friend + wife Sce...   more
3) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 3
#3 1943 Char: Phil, Annie, Laurie, Dorthy Dick Staib, Dot Muller Scene. Phil at French doors. Phil in front room walking first steps. Walking at Beardsley Park. In carriage B. Park by...   more
4) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 4
#4. I 1943 Char. Annie, Phi, Laurie, Dorthy Pop, F[?], Al, Helen, Dick, Gary, Adz's Betty + Frank [Krajcik?] Mrs. Hartnk. + Betty Sisters + Mother-in-law, Father-in-law Scene, Annie +...   more
5) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 5
#5 1943 Char: Frank, Pop, Ma, Phil, Laurie June John, Annie, Al, Helen, Dick Gary Adzima, Dan, June Scenes, Frank at R.R. Leaving in uniform, Us + Adz's looking for berries, Phil + Flu...   more
6) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 6
#6 1944 Char. Phil, Annie, Edith, Alice, Carrie, Deal + rest of Waterhouses Ma, Toof, Dwight, Sekelshys, Webster girl Scenes Phil's first corsage at easter Scenes at Waterhouses in Bet...   more
7) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 7
#7 1944 Char: Phil, Annie, Fluffy, Betty K. Frannie, Jim M, Al Adzima's, Zaletta Scenes: Walking in country with Fluffy. Phil in front room hat + tie on, dancing with doll, Dad + Phuil...   more
8) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 8
#8, #9 1944 Char. Dan, Annie, Phil, Francie, Al Adzimas, Scenes. Vacation pictures of Two weeks at Doc Adzima's cottage, Lake Zoar #8 + 9 #1944 Char. Vacation at Dr Adzima's   more
9) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 9
#8, #9 1944 Char. Dan, Annie, Phil, Francie, Al Adzimas, Scenes. Vacation pictures of Two weeks at Doc Adzima's cottage, Lake Zoar #8 + 9 #1944 Char. Vacation at Dr Adzima's   more
10) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 10
#10 1944 Char: Betty, John, Judy Zaletta, Annie [?] Phil, Frank A + Family, Dad, Laurie, Dorthy, John, June, Marye Jim Pop, Ma, Fran, Jimmie, Joe, Joey Dot. Scenes: At Frank Adz' Pinew...   more
11) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 11
#11 1945 Char. Francie, Annie, Phil, Dad Scenes, Francie + Phil eating at table in kitchen, Francie in playpen. Phil playing with her. Francie + Phil in front room in [Taylortot?] Eati...   more
12) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 12
#12 1945 Char. Annie, Francie, Phil, Dad Judy Zaletta Scenes: A cold day in the water at Seaside, waves wet kids as they are wading, Phil + Francie watch animals at Beardsley, walk by...   more
13) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 13
#13 1945 - 1946 Char. Anni, Francie, Phil, John A. Wedding party, Dad Scenes: Beardsley Park. Cold day deep snow, Francie in crib, Phil in bed waking up, Phil + Francie playing on Phil...   more
14) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 14
#14 1946 Char. Phil, Francie, Annie, John Betty, Judy Z, Barbara Seagal + Burt Seagal Scenes: Phil + Francie at Beardsley by animals, on seesaw, by Greenhouse + early pansies, First da...   more
15) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 15
#15 1946 Char. Annie, Phil, Francie. Mom, Pop Jim + Family Joe + Family, Steve Mr. Miscik, Zalettas; Joe Kotchiss' family. Ma, Aunt Dora, Dorthy Joey, baby Linda Scenes, Memorial day p...   more
16) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 16
#16 1946 [?] Anderas, [Kochiss?] Saleta, Betty, Frank K. #16 1946 Char. Annie, Francie, phil Frank, Virginia, Dad Jim + Family, Kotchiss family Zaletta family Betty + Frank K. Danie S...   more
17) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 17
#17 1946-'47 Char. Us Bond St. Kids Zaletas, Anderas Frank wedding, #17 1946-1947 Char. Annie, Francie Phil, Danie Bernie, Eleanor K[?], Dad, Judy Zaletta, John Z, Virginia; Frank + We...   more
18) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 18
#18 1947 Char: Annie, Danie, Phil, Francie, Dad; Betty, John, Judy Zaletta, Betty Kri[?] Joe Kochiss + family, Mom Joe [?] + Family John [?] Family Jim M. + Family, Steve John Zaletta +...   more
19) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 19
#19 1947-1948 Char: Annie, Danie Phil, Francie Poochie, Jiramie Clark, Dad, Gill, Laura Bob Halliday + family, Bobby + Georgie, Laurie, Jim. Scenes: Annie + Danie in garden by pumpkin...   more
20) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 20
#20 1948 Char. Annie, Phil, Francis, Danie. Dad, Fran + Charlie Wedding, Whole family Scenes: At Beardsley Park. Easter St. Johns Church Whole family watching; Francie as f[?] picture...   more
21) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 21
#21 1948-1949 Char. Danie, Francie, Phil, Annie, Dad. Handocks, Dankalichs, Zalettas, Saleys, Taylors, Gilmore, Ada's Wedding. May F[?] H. Green's daughter's Wedding June, Joe Wedding,...   more
22) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 22
#22 1950 Char. Phil, Fran, Dan, Steve, [Misak.?] (Neighbor Kids) Annie, Dad. Joe + June. Joe [Anderas?] + Family Pop John Anderas + Family Procession Sisters at St. John Scenes. Snow m...   more
23) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 23
#23 1950-51 Char: Carrie + [Chito?] All Dusenberrys Wedding Party. Phil, Frant, Dan, [?] Dad. Mr. Mas' Grandpa Gil, Blaskewiez Irwing Scene. St. Mary's Church Danbury Moosehall dinner...   more
24) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 24
#24 1951-52 Char: Annie. Fran, Phil, Dan, Frankie, Pop, Sharkey, Joe A. Joe M. John A. Phil's friends. M[?] M[?] [Lindberg?] Clark kids Dans birthday Scenes: Pouring forms windows. Put...   more
25) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 25
#25 1953 - '54 Char: Phil, Fran, Danie, Ann Dad. Mom Pop. Joe + Une Spot. Jimmy Clark Sister at church Grandpa + Grandma. Betty Frank + Maryann Scenes: Easter B. Park. Skiing in backya...   more
26) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 26
#26 1954 Char: Ann, Dan, Danie Phil Fran Junie Joe Mom + Pop. Scenes: Kids picking up potatoes. Fran driving tractor. Spot + Dan playing. Loading hay in tractor. Phil driving tractor....   more
27) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 27
#27 1955 Char. Phil, Fran, Dan, Ann Dad, Frank, Virginia, Debbie Scenes: Easter B'Park. at Anderas. Fran Confirmation Procession at church. New Bishop Memorial day parade. Vacation pi...   more
28) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 28
#28 1954, 55, 56 Char: Phil, Dan, Annie, Dad, Fran, Jim + Donald Clark, Gill, Ronnie Ma Dusenberry, Marge, Jim, Pa & M A., Laurie, Jimmie, Alice Rose, Deal, Walt, Family '54 Scenes...   more
29) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 29
#29 1956 Char: Phil, Fran, Dan Judy Dexter, John + Wayne Hartman John Andera + Family, Bill + Barbara Young Scene: Birthday party Fran's - Phil braces Fran + Phil in [?] P.J.'s Dan's...   more
30) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 30
#30 '56-1957 Char: Phil, Fran, Dan, Annie, Kids from Warwick, Bonnie Scene: Kent Falls, Climbing the rocks, wading, swimming at Hammonesset. Badminton Camp Pomperaugh - Sunset from ou...   more
31) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 31
#31 '57 1958 Char: Phil, Fran, Dan, Annie Bev Ryan Joe Mezzoni family Scene: 58 Girls B Day Dan B Day 57 Snow scenes back yard 57 Easter B Park Mazzoni at B park - Litter of kittens E...   more
32) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 32
#32 1958-59 Char: John Andera Family Mezzoni family. Pop + Mom Leader Core, Kit Dextera Kids Miss Bailey Scene. Swimming at Seaside. Picnic at Anderas Xmas 58 Ice skating at Zoar Phil...   more
33) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 33
#33 1959-60 Char: Phil's friends Mezzoni family - Pop + Mom Marseglia's, Blydenbers Joe + John A family Scene: Birthday party Phil + Fran Junior Prom. Dress Phil B Day Party Hayseed H...   more
34) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 34
#34 1960 Char: Mezzoni family Dave Brown Bonnie, Steve, Seniors (Phil) Judy, Dick Dexter -[Tanjya?] Gulser Fran's friends Dick Kenedy, Tee Clark. Raven B[?] Scenes. Easter '60 Leaving...   more
35) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 35
#35 1960-61 Char: Bonnie, Steve, Dave Brown Pop + Mom Mezzoni Family Scene: Jocko puppy + kids on hay pile Petun[i]a's in front of house. Skiing + sliding on back hill w/ dog + cat Da...   more
36) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 36
#36 1961 Char: Phils friends at college Patti, Joe, Fran Bickel, Ellen Fox, Bob Sherman, Phill friends at Bob's Birthday Scene. Dorm at Penn. Phils B. Day at Dorm Iris garden in back...   more
37) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 37
#37 1961-62 Char: Henry Smith Margaret's Mom + Pop, [Blydenbergs?], F[?] Bob Sherman Scene: Shoveling snow F+D Sliding on back hill w/ dog Deep snow Ranger in deep snow w/ Dan House f...   more
38) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 38
#38 1962-63 Char: Bob, Sherman, fran Rickel - Joanna K. - Blyden[?] family - (Mark Pat Nasson) Mezzonis Bob + Mrs Sherman Scene: Dan B Day 62 Xmas 62 Fran + Dan playing chess Chimney...   more
39) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 39
#39 1963-64 Char Fran's Girl friends Steve Bonnie (friends) Dan + Friends. Bruce Stern Annie Joe, June Kids Pop Phil Scene: Fran BDay- Fran PJ Party - Leaving The Freugle Dance. (Hagg...   more
40) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 40
#40 1965-66 Char - Dan, Fran, Phil Dans Friends(boys + girls) Grandpa. Melville St. girls Joe - June + kids. Dot, Joe + kids G[?] Scene. Hammonessett Beach Raking lawn Fran leaving fo...   more
41) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 41
#41 1966-67 Char: Grandpa, Dan, Fran Mezzoni's Phil wedding guests Ranger, Phil, Ranger Dan's Bday 66 Scenes: 66 Xmas Building garage, Easter, picking out Xmas tree, Easter in '67 sno...   more
42) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 42
#42 1967-68 Char: Grandpa Dan's friends Fran Bear's Mother + Father Sister, Phil Lany Scenes: Burning tree by driveway, Dans B'day Party - Labor Day Picnic Dan's [Corvair?] Garage on...   more
43) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 43
300' Reel #43 '66 '67 '68 '69 Char: Phil, Fran, Dan, Grandpa Mezzoni's Lary, Phil, Thor Frank Vasick Scene: Xmas '65 Maine Xmas 67 Dans B Day 68 Xmas 68 [?] Lederhosen Pops Bday (80...   more
44) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 44
300' Reel #44 '70 '71 Char: Phil, Lary, Edward Fran, Dan Thor Frans Wedding Scene: 70 Phile + Lary home in Maine. MT Desert Island. Cabins we stayed at; Back packing Edward. Mountains...   more
45) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 45
300' Reel #45 [?] Char: Dan, Fran, Phil, Bob Sherman, Phils friends. Eleanor, Bruce Kenny + others, Roberts family. Mezzoni's , Dan's Prom date, W Mike Pop Dan's friends? Scene: Dan...   more
46) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 46
#46 1964 Char: Sterns, Eleanor, Bob Bachmans, Bickell, Ellen Joanna John Haden Dan's friends Glen, Bill, S[?], Vic, Mike Dick Dexter Scene: Phil Graduation (Phils) Fran working at Ken...   more
47) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 47
#47 Char: Phil Fran Dan Larys mother, Mezzoni Family, David, Edward Lary, Scene: Zmas 64, Aster Weding 67 Easter 68 Xmas 73 Thanksgiving 74 Maine.   more
48) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 48
#48 Char: Fran, Margaret, Dave Steve, Dan, Liz, Phil. Lary, Ed. Scene: '74 Xmas. Upper Darby April '75 Dan here walkin woods Lary taken trailer + canoe. Bringin tree Xmas 75 Xmas '76 i...   more
49) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 49
#49 Char Lary, Ed, Liz, Phil, Dan, Dave, Fran, Michelle, Darcy Scene Xmas ['77?] outside. Baby Michelle Snow '78 Backyard Xmas '78 Norwalk. Michelle in sled in snow backyard   more
50) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 50
#50 '79-'80 Char: Dan, Liz, Fran, Michelle, Annie, Lary, Phil Edward [?], B[?] Ch[?] Carie, Ben Scene Xmas '79 Cutting tree. Walk in woods, Trimming tree, upstairs Michelle + Edward d...   more
51) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 51
#51 1980 Adrian + Margaret Truesdale Phil, Ed, Lary, [Unice?] Fran, David Michelle Scene: Truesdales visit [Camp?] Pick out Xmas tree Taking down barn in Maine. Fall scenerey Week aft...   more
52) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 52
#52 1981-'82 Char: [?] Phyllis Lary Bob W[?] baby Friends at Party. Micky [?] [?] Frances Michelle, Rusty Jim Clarks S[?] F[?] Stop [?] [?] [Schoodic?] [?] [ball?] Bar Harbor Helicop...   more
53) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 53
300' Super 8 #53 '82 California Char: Liz, Dan, Annie Marsha, Doug, Kids Adrian Margaret Liz, Brot[?], + Kids Wilber, Virginia Scene: Wineries, Liz B'Day, Cutting trees at Dad's hous...   more
54) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 54
Super 8 #54 '82 California Char Dan, Liz, Adrian Margaret Scene: Death Valley Adrian + Margaret New L[?] in Sonora Golden Gate [?] Golden Gate park Ships at wharf Ferry ride San[?] t...   more
55) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 55
#55 '83-'84 David, Michelle, Rusty, Fran, Dan, Liz Phil, Larry, Ed. Scenes: Walkin woods W/ Rusty by brook. Christmas pic. Thanksgiving in D[?] Hill Parade Phii[?] Cutting Xmas tree X...   more
56) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reel 56
(250') #56 '85 '86 Char: Phil, Larry, Ed, Dan Liz, Fran, Dave, Michelle. Scene; 85 Xmas in Maine L[?] 86 Xmas in ME Sleigh Ride Xmas at Asbury Walk in woods, D[?] '87 Geese at [Draxe...   more
59) [Daniel T. Dusenberry--home movies] Reels 59-77
13 8mm and 6 Super 8 home movies shot by Daniel T. Dusenberry from the 1960s to 1982. Locations include Montana, California, Yellowstone, Europe, and Maine.   more
Dusenberry, Daniel T. Collection
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Collection Date Range
1942 – 1987
The collection consists of 71 reels of 8mm film and 6 reels of Super 8, including the home movies of Daniel T. Dusenberry.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Daniel T. Dusenberry Sr. (1914-2007) was born in Bethel Connecticut. He married Annie Andera in 1941. The couple had three children, Phyllis, Elaine, and Daniel Jr.
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