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8 mm film; 200 ft.; Silent; Color
[S.D. Kelsey--home movies] Reel 3
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Can notes: " WP to Maxwell Football Game, Ft. Put, Ft. Monmouth, T-6, WP in snow." "Fall 1948-1949 West Point 1948 Football game, Mechanics Dept. party at Round Pond. Hunting Tigers +Lions at Fort Putnam, Trip to Maxwell, Steve's 6th birthday at Maxwell"
Anecdotal Comments & Reflections
REEL THREE 1948 The 1948 football season game between arch rivals Army and Navy is seen followed by an after game party where the men and women, all officers and their spouses, cross dress, a tradition at West Point after game celebrations. Daddy is seen in a long hair wig and wearing a Moroccan over-shirt he had purchased in that country during the War. The scene changes to a more traditional scene, one in which I am three and Stevie is five. It is Fall. Stevie is seen in his favorite gear; cowboy hat and guns. How he loved playing that game. Also seen, is John Kelsey, son of Daddy's brother, Gene. Uncle Gene became a two star general and both he and his son graduated from the West Point Military Academy. Uncle Gene's wife's name was Myrtle. They also had a younger daughter, Anne, who was a Captain in the Army for a time. John is seen with a bow and arrow and he, to, liked things military. I am seen riding in the wood of West Point and on a tricycle. Daddy also shot a panoramic view of the Hudson River Valley and River at West Point. This is followed by winter scenes, still at West Point; followed by the summer of 1948 and July 14th Stevie's 5th birthday. For the first time we see Daddy flying; an Air Force trainer propeller airplane. It is the old-fashioned tail dragger type, later replaced by the forward nose wheel. It requires different flying skills to land either of these two types of wheel configurations. Daddy knew both skills. Then, we are seen packing up and leaving West Point behind. We are headed to New Mexico. During the summer there is a scene where we see Stevie, Mother, and John Kelsey in a swimming pool. The new Buick appears as does Stevie with a bow and arrow. Daddy taught all of us this sport, and we were rather good at it. I am, then, seen pulling Stevie in a wagon with Stevie wearing his favorite cowboy hat and yellow kerchief. My favorite photo, a black and white one, shows Stevie and myself (age six and seven) with his kerchief on; I never knew the color of the scarf until the 8mm film was restored. We have arrived at our new station, Clovis Air Field, Albuquerque, New Mexico. We drove in the new Buick through the East, the Mid-West and the West until we arrived at our new destination. The season is Easter and Stevie and I are seen going to Catholic Church. Then we are in the pool at the Officer's Club, Stevie swimming and myself in an inner tube. Views of the Officer's Club outdoor dining patio are also seen. Here we are again, walking hand-in-hand to Church followed by a visit to a runway and tie down area on the Base and we see Daddy's airplane. It was a bomber equipped with forward and aft machine guns.
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