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8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; b&w and color
2) 2491.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) [BLANK]
BetaCamSP; Silent
[Clayton P. Hodgkin--home movies] Reel 2, Accession 2491
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Children playing and adults interacting in a yard, including Charles Meade, Harold and Ruth Meade with their son Rodney, Douglas Hodgkin, Mrs. Rathbun and Arthur Niles, with Harold in a car. Men with tractors, various attachments and pitchforks mowing, raking and loading hay as Laura Hodgkin and children play in the hay and ride the tractors, including Laura driving a car. Aletha Meade, Douglas and Brian Hodgkin and a dog named Fluffy swimming and playing on a beach. Douglas, Brian and two other children playing on a hammock and posing with Thatcher Rathbun at his home as a woman takes a picture. Flowers and trees at Irving Hodgkin’s house. Laura riding a horse named Bessie. Brian picking flowers. Douglas and Brian in a playpen in a yard, including someone playing with a rabbit. Laura bringing in milk bottles. Donald Hodgkin riding Bessie. The DIll place in Auburn, ME, including a woman running, a man playing with a calf, a rabbit playing with a cat and a dog, flowers and four people riding a bicycle at once. Chester Douglas walking with crutches. Douglas and Brian playing, including Brian pushing a toy lawnmower. Cows and calves on a farm. Douglas, Laura and Brian on a beach. Arland Meade, his girlfriend, Aletha, Douglas and Brian riding and posing in a horse drawn surry. The Hodgkin farm in Lewiston, ME, including people on swing sets, a man leading a horse, cows and horses in fields and Philip Murtagh inspecting a basket of apples. Chickens in a pen. Douglas and Brian in a playhouse. A woman with a mop and Chester Douglas sitting on a porch peeling items in a bowl. A black horse rolling in a field. Scenic views of lakes, fields, mountains and roads. Brian, Douglas and another boy playing with a puppy named Sparky, including Brian and Douglas on a tricycle, a boy pulling Sparky in a wagon, Sparky playing with another dog and a kitten and Douglas pulling Brian in a wagon. People gathered at the Meade household, including Aletha Meade and Stanley Ellsworth and someone driving away in a car. Notes on can: “#2” Donor Notes: All names and the majority of the locations come from the donor’s notes. Please refer to them for further information.
Clayton Hodgkin
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