[Clayton P. Hodgkin--home movies] Reel 1, Accession 2399
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Viewing Notes
People outside in the snow, including someone pushing Clyde Hodgkin in a sled, the family collie Penny, a couple wrestling and a man in a car. Clyde walking on his own. Clyde and Penny playing with Penny’s puppies, including a young boy playing with a seesaw and a shot of Russell and Joan Meade. Brian, Clyde and Forest Hodgkin riding a tricycle, including a man on stilts and a man playing with Penny. Laura and Clyde Hodgkin at Martin’s Point on Sabattus Pond with a few other young boys. Clyde on the beach at Tripp Lake in Poland, ME. Two young boys riding colorful bicycles adorned with American flags and another boy waving a flag and pulling Clyde in a wagon with a sign that reads, “Liberty Bell” for the Hodgkin family Fourth of July parade. A few shots of Clyde. Laura, Brian, Forest and Clayton Hodgkin picking peas in a field. Roses along the side of a house. A shot of a train. The Additon Family Reunion at Charles Tebbets’ house, including children playing, a line up of children and Clyde and Billy Rathbun playing together. Forest, Clyde and Penny in a garden, including Clyde drinking from a water bottle. Benson's Wild Animal Farm in Hudson, NH, including a girl riding an elephant, animals in cages and Forest watching a camel. A shot of a parking lot. Workers at a slate quarry in Vermont. Fort Ticonderoga, NY, including Forest sitting in a canon and guides in period dress. The family on the beach and in the water at Lake Champlain in New York. A waterfall on the Lost River in New Hampshire. Bears playing on a platform atop a pole. Forest riding a tricycle and a bicycle with Clyde chasing after him, including Penny and her puppies. Laura taking a sheet off of the line and hiding behind it going into the house. Brian and Forest playing with Penny and her puppies. A woman holding a baby. Notes on can: “1952-1953 #1 200” Donor Notes: “Clyde; Penny’s Pups; Russ & Joan; Tripp Lake; 4th Parade; Reunion-Jeggets; Benson, NH; Slate; VT; Bears...” All names and the majority of the locations come from the donor’s notes. Please refer to them for further information.
Clayton Hodgkin
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1) 2399.0001-.0003_BSP
Film; BetaCamSP; Silent
2) 2399.0001-.0003_DVD
DVD; Silent
3) 2399.0001_F8
8 mm film; [200 ft.]; Silent; Color
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