[Spool Mill]
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Digital copy of this film: nhf-1895-001 clip 2.mov
Digital copy of this film: nhf-1895-001 clip 3.mov
Digital copy of this film: nhf-1895-001.mov
Digital copy of this film: nhf-1895_0001.mov
Viewing Notes
Pan of wooded landscape and lake. Birds at a distance on the lake. 01:50 Pans of mill with water tower. Manufacturing company is surrounded by stacked lumber under cover. Views of birch lengths tightly stacked. Exteriors of buildings with smoke coming out. 04:17 fire hydrant and hose. More stacked lumber. 04:43 men feed birch into cutting machines. 05:15 Women inspect the turned and cut spools. Conveyors move spools. Spools are turned to leave flange at end for holding thread on. Man's hands inspect individual spools, show camera. 06:27 Long line of drilling machines with belts to ceiling, sawdust is thrown out. Tumbling barrels to smooth spools. 07:15 man works with barrel and empties spools into bin. (Brief out of focus scene of hands with spools.) 07:45 burlap bag full of spools. Man writes on clipboard. Sewing the burlap bag closed with tag attached. 08:15 bags full of spools await shipment. 08:25 feeding lengths of wood into lathe (go on square, come out round) 09:00 black.
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1) 1895.0001.02_BSP
BetaCamSP; 8 minutes ; Silent; b&w
2) 1895.0001.02_DVD
DVD; 8 minutes ; Silent; b&w
3) 1895.0001.02_F16
16mm film; 200 ft. ; Silent
4) 1895.0001_BSP
BetaCamSP; Silent
5) 1895.0001_DVD
DVD; Silent
6) 1895.0001_F16
16mm film; 200 ft.; Silent; b&w
9) nhf-1895-001.mov
10) nhf-1895_0001.mov
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