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1930 - 1950
Claire Cochrane’s films of her husband, Cleland, and children, Jean and Cleland show her family at leisure as the children grow from infancy to maturity and include Jean’s graduation from Stoneleigh School, Greenfield, Ma, and subsequent marriage. The men go off to war and we see scenes at Camp Mead. Their summer vacations of swimming, fishing and canoeing and watching skipjack boat races in the lakes of Maine are depicted, along with rollerskating, pony rides – even a ride in a goat-pulled cart – and a school circus with kids dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse. About 1933 the new Dodge coupe is proudly shown off in the snow. Sports depicted include harness racing and a father and son baseball game at Englewood School. A visit to historic Duxbury shows the Myles Standish grave and monument and at Plymouth, the rock, inscribed “1620” and the statue of Massasoit.
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Claire Cochrane
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1) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 15
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 15: cutting trees at Beaver Lake.' // Exterior shot of cabin; man chopping down tree with an axe; kids posing with maid in uniform; man and woman sitt...more
2) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 53
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 53: Mount Herman; Brenda; Tobey; Charlie C.' // Football practice; school band playing; football game; woman and man knitting; girl and dog (Collie) i...more
3) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 56
Kids swimming in lake; family posed by lake; two children and two adults walking down exterior stone steps; fishing from dock; kids swimming; United Airlines plane landing; airplanes on...more
4) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 2
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 2: Jean and Cleland, ages 5 and 6; Lake George.' // Kids playing in sprinkler; shot of house and landscape; kids playing in tin tub in the yard; roses...more
5) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 5
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 5: Jean and Cleland; Senator and Mrs. Frazier at Churches.' // Kids and man in coats playing outside with light coated dog; family walking out front d...more
6) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 3
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 3: Jones Beach; Daytona; Bill Oliver at Beaver Lake.' // Men in suits and women in nice dresses walking and running on beach; shot of a swimming pool...more
7) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 6
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 6: Children in snow; new Dodge.' // Exterior shot of two story white house with side porch, kids in shot; very dark shot of dining room (?); kids play...more
8) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 4
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 4: Spring 1934; Beaver Lake.' // Woman and two children in canoe on the lake; family sitting around campfire; man appears to be spanking little girl w...more
9) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 7
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 7: pony rides; roller skating; Cleland's school; circus.' // Kids roller skating on sidewalk; kids led around on ponies; kids riding goat drawn cart;...more
10) [Claire Cochrane--home movies] Reel 8
Notes taken from film boxes: 'Reel 8: Jean's first day of school; Cleland's birthday party.' // Family around campfire; kids playing on rocks; grilling on campfire; picnic; little girl...more
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