Alan Kattelle Collection
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Credit: Jeremias (1922).
Collection Date Range
1912 - 1969
Collection contains features, shorts, newsreels, and home movies. Collection includes "The Making of an American," a 1920s film by The State of Connecticut Department of Americanization, about the importance of learning English, "Tommy’s Troubles," by the Dept. of Health and New York Tuberculosis and Health Association, and "Operations of the Columbia Salvage Corporation at Charleston, South Carolina."

Features include the silent biblical epic, "Jeremias" (1922), directed by Eugen Illés. Jan-Christopher Horak identified the film, a safety 35 mm. copy distributed by the Wholesome Film Service, Boston, as "The Fall of Jerusalem." See Horak's article, "The Strange Case of The Fall of Jerusalem," The Moving Image, Fall 2005.

The collection also contains one reel of the lost Laurel and Hardy film, "The Rogue Song." Shorts and newsreels include Paramount-Bray Pictographs: The Magazine of the Screen, Pathé News, Castle Films, and "Bobby Bumps" animated films.

Biographical/Historical Notes
Alan D. Kattelle (1919-2010) was a engineer and business executive who collected, wrote, and lectured about amateur motion picture equipment for over twenty-five years. His articles appeared in numerous collectors' society journals and periodicals. He is the author of the book Home Movies: A History of the American Industry, 1897-1979 WorldCat. He is co-founder and past president of the Movie Machine Society and served on the advisory board of Northeast Historic Film.

The Making of an American was made in 1920 to be used as an educational tool in the Americanization effort—governmental initiatives to assimilate immigrants into mainstream culture, especially by encouraging them to learn English. The film was shown to more than 112,500 people the year it was made, and then copies were sold to other states. The film was targeted to industrial workers and contains location filming at the Hartford Rubber Works Company. It was named to the National Film Registry by the Librarian of Congress in 2005. The print survived on 28 mm. stock and was preserved with assistance from William S. O'Farrell, National Archives of Canada.

Items in this collection: 25
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1) [Alan Kattelle--features] Reels 1-41
Note: ìBlue Labelî refers to separate batch of the collection. This record is one of three and comprises 41 individual reels, each numbered separately (e.g., The Fall of Jerusalem/Jerem...more
2) [Unidentified Paramount Pictograph] & Rod & Wire Mill
Reel contains two separate items. // First item is Paramount Pictograph edited by Waldermar Kaempffert of Popular Science Monthly. // LC copyright range for first item is 1916 to 1918....more
3) The Fall of Jerusalem
Fully timed, tinted answer print, Estar. Print by Haghefilm for the George Eastman House, June 2001.more
4) [Alan Kattelle--features] Reels 96-179
This record is three of three. START OF THIRD BATCH 96. [Swimming Pool] fragment contains type along edge of film ìLeased for use only on machines licensed by the Motion Picture Patents...more
5) [Alan Kattelle--features] Reels 42-95
This record is two of three and comprises 54 individual reels. SECOND BATCH 42. The Parson by Wallace Carson, Daypho-Bray Library of Motion Pictures First part b&w, then after about...more
6) [unidentified--home movies]
Unidentified home movie footage. // Dates from edge codes on film. // Note on can: 'Mother, father, little daughter getting into 1920's car, grandparents, etc., good dloseups. Kodak saf...more
7) [N. Krackov--home movies]
Home movies from N. Krackov, Newark, NJ. Primarily family scenes and children playing. // Considerable water damage and fading in some reels. .001 'Reel 3' May 9-30, 1937 (written on bo...more
8) Making of an American, The
DVD master of The Making of an American featuring soundtrack performed by Clayton Smith. // Distribution copies were created from this edition. // Audio taken from 2333.0003.more
9) Making of an American, The DISTRIBUTION MASTER
DISTRIBUTION MASTER // For distribution duplication only. // The Making of an American featuring soundtrack performed by Clayton Smith. // Audio taken from 2333.0003.more
10) [Excerpt from The Black Pirate]
NITRATE // One reel of The Black Pirate starring Douglas Fairbanks Sr. // 2-strip Technicolor. // First 600 feet has faded orange color - looks toned - with flaky image, followed by sec...more
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