Nowell-Clark Collection
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Collection Date Range
1926 - 1950
The majority of Annie Wood Nowell's films covered family and local historical events, although their range includes some trick photography as well as trips to Maine, New Hampshire, and a tuberculosis sanitarium in Colorado. Richard J. Clark continued the family tradition of documenting family holidays, vacations, and events with his films.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The primary author of the collection is Annie Wood Nowell (1881-1955). Born in Arlington, Massachusetts, she spent most of her life in Winchester and Duxbury, Massachusetts, and graduated from Vassar College, where she majored in Biology. Her interests included botany, needlepoint, and photography, and after the birth of her first daughter in 1902 she became thoroughly enamored with picture-taking and 16mm movies. The Clark portion of the collection was filmed by Annie Nowell’s son-in-law, Richard J. Clark (1906-1990), who was a physician in Winchester, Massachusetts.
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