Robert M. Hume, Sr. Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (3,700 ft.) : si., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. reversal pos.
Collection Date Range
1930 - 1950
Collection contains home movies shot by Robert M. Hume, Sr. "Cutting Pulpwood" (1933) shows logging and paper mill operations. Other films show Hume family and friends in various activities and seasons. Titles include: "Thanksgiving (1930-1931), "Grand Lake" (1932), and "Fall Foliage, Tulips" (1950). Footage shows community events such as 1932 Millinocket Health Parade, 1935 Shriner's Parade, and 1940 Millinocket American Legion County Convention.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Robert M. Hume, Sr. (1893-1966) was superintendent of the Great Northern Company mill in Millinocket from 1926 to 1952, and made a number of motion pictures in that period. His wife Blanche (1896-1984) was a registered nurse and appears in the films, along with other family members and friends. Great Northern Company is a paper mill based in Millinocket, central Penobscot County. Company president Whitcomb in 1933 requested a film about basic processes in the paper industry to be made for company employees. "Cutting Pulpwood" shows this footage.
People and Organizations
Hume Family
Items in this collection: 27
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1) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies] Reel 2
Pan of ocean, shipyard, shoreline, with hotels, horses in streets, CUs of ship approaching shore, woman in carriage speaking, games on deck (shuffleboard), waves and whitecaps, Statue o...more
2) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies] Reel 3: Health Parade
Box notes: 'Health Parade 1932 also E. Dover.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Children in parade, signs: Katahdin Ave. School, Eat Cereal, Eat Vegetab, Oxford St. Health Kingdom. Child (Health...more
3) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies.] Reel 4: Snowplow
Box notes: 'Snow Plow. Feb 1934.' NHF cataloguer's notes: February 1934 shots of huge, Caterpillar-like snowplow moving deep snow. Kids on snowshoes.more
4) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies]. Reel 5: American Legion County Convention
Box notes: 'Legion County Convention. May 19, 1940.' NHF cataloguer's notes: May 1940 scenes of parade. Marching band.more
5) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies] Reel 6: 1913 S 20th Reunion
Box notes: '1933 reunion.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Adults and children dressed in white [Navy?] uniforms, bulldog CU with tongue out, band (men in kilts), men smoking, pan of stadium, b...more
6) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies]. Reel 7: Shriners Parade, Mountains
Box notes: 'Shriner's Parade. Mts. 1935 June.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Shot June 1935. Pan of mountains. Marching men in [Shriners'] hats circling field in formation. Girl on bicycle.more
7) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies]. Reel 8: Grand Lake
Box notes: 'Grand Lake 1933.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Float plane taking off, boys feeding crow, women and men play-fighting, group of men posing for picture, boy with harmonica, motori...more
8) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies] Reel 9
Box notes: '1934 Winter Snow. Party Dobsis Lake. Tuttle, Joyce.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Man walking through shoveled path in snow piled 12 feet, men shoveling, railroad/summer shorelin...more
9) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies]. Reel 10a
Box notes: 'Misc 1932 & East Dover Sebec Lake. Andy, Harriet, Mooneys.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Man and woman in spectacles speaking to camera, family gathering, lake shore, boy sleepin...more
10) [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies]. Reel 10b: Thanksgiving
Can notes: 'Thanksgiving 1931. (Walkers) (Children) Bowdoin & Maine, Nevins, Woodward, Seelye, Stockwell 1930.' Cataloguer's notes: Thanksgiving CUs of family members laughing and perfo...more
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