Samuel Horovitz Collection
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Samuel B. Horovitz
Credit: Samuel Horovitz Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Samuel Horovitz, 1939.
Credit: Samuel Horovitz home movies. Excerpt from "Summer 1937 aboard the Sara." 16 mm. film. From the Samuel Horovitz Collection at Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, ME. MP4 video, 2:46.
Primary Format and Extent
film (45,150 ft.) : si., b&w and col. ; 16mm
Collection Date Range
1934 - 1968
The Samuel Horovitz Collection consists of 148 16 mm. film reels documenting primarily Horovitz’s worldwide lecture tours connected with his legal profession. In each of the countries he visited around the world, Horovitz filmed local culture (traditional dance, market squares, school children) and crafts, native people, scenery and flowers, museums, historic sites, and tourist attractions.

Footage associated with well-known people or events includes Eleanor Roosevelt speaking at a banquet, the Henry Cabot Lodge political campaign, the Massachusetts Worker’s Compensation Committee, and Sonja Henie skating at Boston Garden.

Coverage of family recreation includes the Columbia Yacht Club in South Boston, MA, and boats with family and friends on board in Massachusetts harbors; one vessel purchased from the Owens Yacht Co., in Baltimore, MD, is shown at the boatyard before coming to Massachusetts.

Horovitz recorded many closeups (head and shoulder shots) of family members and associates including members of his synagogue, Temple Emanuel (Newton, MA), and portraits of legal and academic colleagues from the Massachusetts bar and Howard University in Washington, DC.

Four commercial reels in the Collection include a Pathe newsreel, Japanese cartoons and war history, and an automotive film made in 1937.

Biographical/Historical Notes
Samuel Horovitz graduated from Harvard in 1920 and Harvard Law School in 1922. He was an authority on workers compensation, instrumental in implementing the Massachusetts workmen's compensation system. WorldCat

Horovitz was a member of Temple Emanuel in Newton, MA.
He traveled lecturing on legal matters around the world.

Northeast Historic Film
The Collection is open for research.
Condition Governing Reproduction and Use
Authorization to reuse and/or reproduce must be obtained from Northeast Historic Film. See for more information.
Items in this collection: 66
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1) Virgin Islands trip, Cuba I, 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 1
Color “Sam-o-grams in Cuba” “Havana Cuba” American Express poster. Portrait shot of a woman, pan up to “Kodak Cubana” sign above her head. Shots of a ship in the sunset. Men on the...more
2) Virgin Islands trip, Cuba to Florida, 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 2
Color “Sam-O-Grams in Cuba” Statue with a woman posing at the bottom, buildings, streets and monument. Portrait shots of a man and woman, pan across waterfront. Buildings on the wat...more
3) Virgin Islands trip, Florida to Washington, D.C., 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 3
Harvard Academie title “Natural Color Photography by Samuel B. Horovitz” (Color) Sunset. “Leading personalities of the day.” Banquet table with a man speaking, Eleanor Roosevelt sea...more
4) Friends, Columbia Yacht Club, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 4
"3(1) Friends. Columbia Yacht Club. 33 Elm St. 1936 Summer. Dave Halpern, Stanley, Chickie, Alice, Pearl, Joe, Ditona, twins, Leos, Miriam." more
5) Friends, Harvard and Elm street, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 5
"3(2) Friends. July 1936. 33 Elm st., 5 friends, Harvard classmates, Ingalls, Adler and Dr. Novak. Goldberg, Bob, Faye. Italian singers, Mrs. Lecher, gardens."more
6) Friends, Boston Legal Trip, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 6
"3(3) Friends. Boston Legal trip. 1936 Aug. Boat [Wixoh?], Zappala, tomatoes, bonfire, triplets. Euna Airtrip, Chinatown, Yaun Bihns boat trip. Clara and Miss Davis. Deer, horses, p...more
7) Friends, Henry Cabot Lodge Campaign, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 7
"3(4) Friends. 1936 Aug to Nov. Lodge campaign. 51st Annual Convention Mass State Federation of Labour. New Bedford, woman, Nelson. Added 9/28/65: B/W removed from family 1(8) Mans...more
8) Friends, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 8
"3(5) Friends. 1936 mixed. Dr. DeRoma, Judge Rose, New York Nurse. Reshek Wedding. Debutantes, triplets, Julie and family, Yacht Club officials. Lodge election. 1936 Nov 3." more
9) Friends, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 9
Reel 9 Title: “Sam-O-Grams” Reel is all black and white. Couple; man with arm around woman. Young man with two gold front teeth embraces young woman. Headshots. Bass Point Hous...more
10) Friends, Summer, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 10
all b&w Title: Sam-O-Grams Woman leaning out window and lit by window, talks. Hotel New York. American Airlines, Port of NY. In tunnel. In car driving. Quick pan of airplane....more
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