Huey Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
video (119 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Collection Date Range
1983 - 1997
Collection contains documentaries and factual works. "Grace, A Portrait of Grace DeCarlton Ross" (1983) is a biography of Ross, and includes her appearances in silent films from the National Archives of Canada ("The Vicar of Wakefield") and George Eastman House ("The World and the Woman"). "Quite Amazing" (1988) is a video production about Pineland Center's 80th anniversary celebration, including dancers, musicians, clowns, puppets, artists, and jugglers. "Bonsoir Mes Amis" (1990) is a film about French American traditional musicians from Maine, featuring Lionel "Toots" Bouthot, a guitarist and keyboard player, and Ben Guillemette, a fiddler. "Sharing One Earth" (1992) is a videotape production on ecology and Penobscot lore made by students of the Indian Island Middle School. "Honest Vision" (1996) is a documentary about photographer Todd Webb. "Our Dances" (1997) is a documentary about Penobscot dances produced at Indian Island School. The collection also includes short films from the Maine Student Film and Video Festival. See also Abbott Meader Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Huey (James J. Coleman) is an independent film/video maker based in Portland. He began teaching film animation and video in the Maine Touring Arts Program in 1976, and has regularly directed the Maine Student Film/Video Festival. Grace DeCarlton Ross was a silent film actress and dancer from Portland, still dancing in the year of her death (1983) at age 93. Pineland Center is a school for handicapped and developmentally disabled students. Original "Grace" footage is 16 mm. film. Original "Bonsoir" footage was shot on super 8 mm. film and videotape.
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1) Our Dances
Provenance of this tape is uncertain. Dubbed from 3/4 in., 9/97. Huey is listed as 'Artist in residence' in credits. Tape was accessioned from collection backlog 1/2001. // Documentary...more
2) The Frog Monster and Other Penobscot Legends
Provenance of this tape is uncertain. Huey is listed as 'Artist in residence' in credits. Tape was accessioned from collection backlog 1/2001. Documentary about Penobscot legends. Exten...more
3) Quite Amazing
Pineland Center's 80th Celebration, 'A Very Special Arts Festival.' LS of Pineland grounds. MS of festival sign. Clown juggling. Grounds. Sculpture. Two very brief questions asked of an...more
4) [Spindleworks Pixilation & Backwards]
Label on box: 'Spindleworks 1983+84 Pixilation+Backwards. Original. 18 fps. No prints made.' // Stop-motion animation sequence featuring people at Spindleworks followed by street scenes...more
5) Vicar of Wakefield World and the Woman
Videotape copy of two Thanhouser films that feature Grace DeCarlton Ross: - Vicar of Wakefield starring Frederick Warde (from Public Archives of Canada) - World and the Woman starring J...more
6) Bon Soir Mes Amis
Film about the music of Lionel 'Toots' Bouthot, keyboard and guitar player, and Ben Guillemette, fiddler. Franco-American musicians from Maine, includes footage of dances and festivals....more
7) [Wilderness & Spirit Production Reel 6-5-07 Mag A]
Label on reel: 'Reel 6-5-07 Mag A.'more
8) [Wilderness & Spirit Production Reel 6-5-07 Mag B]
Label on reel: 'Reel 6-5-07 Mag B.'more
9) [Wilderness & Spirit Production Reel 6-5-07 Mag C]
Label on reel: 'Reel 6-5-07 Mag C.'more
10) [Wilderness & Spirit Production Reel 6-5-07 Mag D]
Label on reel: 'Reel 6-5-07 Mag D.'more
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