James Petrie Collection
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Collection Date Range
1948 - 1967
Collection contains twelve titles which were part of a "Job Opportunities Series," produced in Massachusetts as a result of the Manpower Development Training Act, including "Applying for a Job" teaching youth the do’s and don’ts of job searches, "Business Machine Operators" describing opportunities in entry level positions, and "Cooks, Chefs, and Related Occupations" outlining the "multitude of jobs and job duties that most people don’t realize exist in this field." Nine titles, primarily documentary or promotional in nature, include "A Faire Towne" filmed in about the history of York, Maine, "If These Were Your Children" filmed in Massachusetts about the mental health danger signs in second and third grade children, and "The Bill Wilson Story" filmed in Portland, Maine, promoting social services available to the community. "Parlons Francais II" is a series of 24 reels filmed in Paris for a course in language awareness designed for primary school grades.
Biographical/Historical Notes
James Petrie was a cameraman, editor, and director who made training and motivational films with Louis de Rochemont and via Potter, Orchard & Petrie, whose slogan was "The Precise Purpose Movie." Mr. Petrie also donated documentary material and equipment associated with the production of these titles.
Items in this collection: 25
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1) Opportunities in Sales and Merchandising
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed at Gilchrist's Department Store, Washington Street, Boston. Synopsis: 'Portrays to youth the career opportunities in sales and merchandis...more
2) Jobs in the Automotive Trades
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed at R.S. Robie Ford, Boston. Synopsis: 'This fast-moving film offers a fresh and dramatic insight into the many interesting and rewarding...more
3) Jobs in Small and Major Electric Appliance Repair
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed in suburban home, Framingham, and G.E. Appliance Center, Brighton, Mass. Synopsis: 'This film captures the drama and interest of jobs and...more
4) Drafting
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed at Stone & Webster Company, Boston during the designing of the Yankee Atomic Plant at Plymouth, Mass. Synopsis: ' 'A stimulating panorama...more
5) Opportunities in Welding
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed at Fore River Shipyard, Quincy and Lewis & Shepard Machine Shop, Watertown, Mass. Synopsis: ''Excellent vocational scenes...very real...c...more
6) Business Machine Operators
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed at MDTA Job Center, Boston, 881 Commonwealth Avenue, and RCA Computer Center, Boston. Synopsis: 'Sparkles with liveliness and interest; e...more
7) Opportunities in Clerical Work
Faded color. // Filmed at First National Bank of Boston Headquarters and at First National Data Center, Forest Hills. Features exterior footage of Government Center and Tremont Street....more
8) Cooks, Chefs and Related Occupations
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed at the Rehabilitation Center, Rosindale and at the Sheraton Hotel at the Prudential Center, Boston, Mass. Ext: Ken's Steak House, Route 9...more
9) Jobs in Cosmetology
Part of 'Job Opportunities Series 1967.' Filmed at Denholm's Department Store, downtown Worcester, Mass. and at Leop's Beauty School in Worcester, Olive's Beauty Salon, Boston, and WGBH...more
10) Bill Wilson Story, The
Filmed for Community Chest fund drive. Shot on location in Portland, Maine.more
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