Charles Halsted/MPBN Collection
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Collection Date Range
1971 - 1985
Collection contains 22 titles of educational/ informational programs produced by the donor while at Maine Public Broadcasting. The programs reflect the breadth of public programming topics in Maine including industry, agriculture, fisheries, Franco-American culture, college sports, railroads, local history and community events. Titles include "Maine Field Trips," "The Norse Coin," "The Sandy River Line," "What Makes You So Sure?" and "The News Machine/La Machine Magique." See also MPBN Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Charles Halsted worked at Maine Public Broadcasting from 1966 to 1995.
Items in this collection: 24
Showing 1 - 10 of 24:
1) [Fairchild Microwave EE graduate course]
'Fairchild Microwave EE graduate course.' Taped 1975.more
2) Aspirations: The Plan
[No contents description available at this time.]more
3) Sandy River Line, The
'The Sandy River Line.'more
4) An Obligation Freely Taken
[No contents description available at this time.]more
5) Check It Out
'Check It Out 1-15.' Four tapes, approx. 5 min. per tape.more
6) [CES magazine pilot]
[No contents description available at this time.]more
7) Harvesting the Forest & Papermaking
[No contents description available at this time.]more
9) [Land and Maine sampler]
'Land and ME. sampler, Env. ED Act Grant.'more
10) Maine Field Trips
'Maine Field Trips 1-18.' 18 tapes, approx. 14 min. per tape.more
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