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Credit: WCVB Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Men gather "obscene" 35mm film and papers and burn them in a dumpster, November 26, 1976.
Primary Format and Extent
Film (4,000,000 ft.) : sd., col. ; 16mm.
Secondary Format and Extent
video (70 min.) : sd., col. ; 1/2 in.
Collection Date Range
1972 - 1996
Collection contains news film, documentaries and factual works, including 180 episodes of the long running news program "Chronicle." Titles from the Chronicle series include "Mount Katahdin," about Maine's highest peak and Baxter State Park; "Welcome to the Maine Grange," which shows the history of agricultural organizations in rural communities; "The Way We Were," which concerns New England in early motion pictures and the importance of preserving moving images, and includes a short 1917 drama; "Hooked on a River" documents Maine's Penobscot River, salmon restoration and Old Town canoes; and "Lost Memories" shows scenes of Boston's Faneuil Hall and discusses film and video preservation.

The WCVB news film collection is 4,000 cans of 16mm film containing approximately 4 million feet of daily coverage and specials filmed between 1972 and 1979. The WCVB-TV collection captures mandatory school bussing and the reactions of communities in Boston (1974), the Red Sox World Series run in 1975, the Kennedy Family, the Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement, and many other events of great and small import.

Biographical/Historical Notes
WCVB-TV is an ABC affiliate operating in Needham, Massachusetts. NHF stock footage appears in the works in this collection.
Fiction, Documentary
Items in this collection: 15980
Showing 1 - 10 of 15980:
1) Spring in Northern New England
2) Lighthouses of New England
Dated 1 October 1990. Includes NHF footage (Earle Shettleworth Collection) of Portland Head light. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.more
3) [Maine stories: Blue Hill and Ellsworth]
Dated Summer 1989. Stories about Castine, Ken Eaton's boatyard, Holbrook Island and Miss Harris, WERU, Bagaduce Music Lending Library and Russell Wiggins in Ellsworth. ONSITE REFERENCE...more
4) Hooked on a River
Dated 19 November 1990. Segment for Chronicle television program on Penobscot River. Aerial views of Penobscot, interviews about fishing for salmon. 1912 still photos of presidential sa...more
5) ['Turn of the Tide' and other segments]
Chronicle program aired April 1991. One segment concerns 'Turn of the Tide' produced by James McPherson, a film about local fishermen shot in Port Clyde, Maine. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.more
6) Allagash Adventure
Dated 23 October 1991. Episode from Chronicle program, uses stock footage from Northeast Historic Film. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.more
7) Mount Katahdin
Dated 20 November 1991. Includes NHF archival footage (Percival Baxter from Holman Day Productions) used for a Chronicle segment on Maine's Mt. Katahdin. Program had very high viewershi...more
8) On the Road
Includes NHF archival footage of horses in the woods. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.more
9) Lost Memories
Dated 10 January 1995. Includes NHF archival footage from Pierce Permain Collection showing Faneuil Hall Marketplace in 1926. Donahue visits places where film was shot: a chicken farm a...more
10) New England Portrait
Dated 3 April 1995. Final mix of 'New England Portrait' for Chronicle, WCVB-TV. ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.more
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