Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Collection
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Paul Fournier
Primary Format and Extent
film (44,775 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. print.
Collection Date Range
1951 - 1991
Collection contains educational works such as: "Marsh Adventure" (1954) emphasizing the importance of marshlands in ecosystems; "To Conserve Our Heritage" about wildlife and nature conservation; and, "Eagle: Rebirth in Maine" (1991) about an eagle preservation program. Other topics include environmental conservation and protecting black salmon, white tail deer and other wildlife. Collection also contains an instructional film titled "By Map and Compass." See also Paul Fournier Collection.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is a state agency.
Items in this collection: 41
Showing 1 - 10 of 41:
1) Tip Up
A-wind print. Spoked, edgewave, heavy emulsion scratches, moderate edge damage. // Kodachrome color is still good. // Print has 1953 and 1954 date codes, but 1958 processing date. // Fu...more
2) Warden Training Film Number One
Label on can: 'Warden Workprint 1958.' // Title on film: 'Warden Training Film Number One.' // Ansco stock. // Heavy scratches. // Further repair needed.more
3) [Doc Cooper Moosehead Lake Survey 1938]
Label on can: 'Doc. Cooper Moosehead Lake Survey, 1938.' // This print is a dupe with 1942 date code - original 1938 date code is visible as print-through. // Scratches throughout. // F...more
4) Sportsman's Dollar, The
Shows how the divisions of the Maine Fish and Game Deptartment (Deptartment of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife) carry out the overall conservation program in Maine. // A-wind print. // Fu...more
5) Want More Ducks
Shows work being done in New York State on creation of small marshlands for waterfowl. // Date from edge code on film. // A-wind print with scratches throughout, minor perf damage. // F...more
6) Maine Tackle-Busters
Produced by the Information-Education Division, Maine Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Game. // Faded to red, scratches throughout, moderate perf damage. // Further repair needed.more
7) Beaver, The
'Encyclopedia Britannica Films Inc. Presents 'The Beaver.'' // Educational film about beavers. // Faded, edgewave, heavy scratching, some perf damage. // Further repair needed.more
8) [Ice Fishing Leftovers]
Label on can: 'Ice Fishing Leftovers.' // No title on print. // Kodachrome. // Further repair may be needed. // Item 0858.0026 is likely related to this reel. // Date from edge code on...more
9) [Allagash 2]
Box label: 'Allagash 2.' // 1962 date code on film. // Ektachrome. // Notes date item: '07/20/1964.' // One of six 100 ft. reels that are likely related.more
10) [Allagash 3]
Box label: 'Allagash 3.' // 1962 date code on film. // Ektachrome. // Notes date item: '07/20/1964.' // One of six 100 ft. reels that are likely related.more
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