Portland Pipe Line Corporation Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (10,000 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. print.
Collection Date Range
1941 - 1975
Collection contains two sponsored films, "The Story of the Portland to Montreal Pipeline" and "Short Cut to Montreal," as well as the unedited production materials used to make these films. The Portland-Montreal Pipe Line opened in 1941 to carry crude oil from the waterfront in South Portland, Maine, to refineries in Montreal, Quebec.

The Gorham to Montreal section was constructed by Williams Bros. Corp., Tulsa, OK. Photographed and edited by Paul le Bel.

The works describe construction of the first and second oil pipelines between Portland and Montreal. Included are detailed scenes of surveying, construction and oil transport activities, and shots of American and Canadian politicians and oil industry executives. The collection also includes film of the tanker Imperial Alberta docking in South Portland Harbor.

Biographical/Historical Notes
The Portland Pipe Line, a 236-mile underground pipe between South Portland, Maine, and Montreal, Quebec, was laid in 1941 under an emergency schedule to aid the delivery of oil to Canada during World War II. A second pipeline was completed in 1950, and a third in 1965. The films in this collection were sponsored by the Portland Pipe Line Corporation and the Montreal Pipe Line Company, Ltd. Station WCSH-TV is an NBC affiliate operating from Portland.
People and Organizations
Portland Pipe Line Corporation
Items in this collection: 13
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1) The Story of the Portland to Montreal Pipeline
[NHF Reel 6] NHF cataloguer's notes, 9/23/98 CH: (10:25) Intertitle: 'The Story of the Portland to Montreal Pipeline.' 1941. Gorham to Montreal section constructed by Williams Bros. Cor...more
2) [WCBB] Investigative Report [Pipeline]
[NHF Reel 1] Canadian National Archives cataloguer's notes for [WCBB] Investigative Report, 9/23/98 WO: The host of this 'expose' investigative report, approaches the subject of the Por...more
3) Shortcut to Montreal
NHF Reel 2 NHF cataloguer's notes for Short, 9/23/1998 CH: (10:54) 'Portland Pipeline Corp. and Montreal Pipe Line Company, LTD Present Short Cut to Montreal.' 18' line built in 1950. (...more
4) Portland Pipe Line 1965 [work print]
NHF Reel 3 Can label: 'Portland Pipe Line 1964-65' [work print] Can notes (viewing note in brackets): 24' construction shots: [Helicopter] Oklahoma construction, swampers, pipe wrapping...more
5) Portland Pipe Line 1965 [work print]
NHF Reel 4 Can label: 'Portland Pipe Line 1965' [work print] Can notes: Construction scenes at Lancaster station: chopping and melting coal tar enamel, Gould and Prescott pumps operatin...more
6) 18' Reconditioning [work print]
NHF Reel 5 Can label: '18' Reconditioning' [work print] Shots of excavating, repairing and replacing sections of pipeline.more
7) Portland Pipe Line
NHF Reel 8 Can label: 'Portland Pipe Line' Camera original of Reel 4. Can notes from Reel 4: Construction scenes at Lancaster station: chopping and melting coal tar enamel, Gould and Pr...more
8) Portland Pipe Line
NHF Reel 9A Can label: 'Portland Pipe Line' [original Ecktachrome First roll aerial views of construction site; second roll on ground, bulldozers (operator wearing white cowboy hat), co...more
9) Portland Pipe Line
NHF Reel 10A Can label: 'Portland Pipe Line Corp.' Camera original of Reel 7. Can notes from Reel 7: .more
10) [Imperial Alberta]
NHF Reel 13 Can label: 'Portland Pipe Line Corp. 5/14/1949' Kodachrome NHF cataloguer's notes, 9/23/98 CH: (10:20) Large tanker, Imperial Alberta, docking in South Portland harbor. [Exc...more
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