Anna B. Harris Collection
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Credit: Anna B. Harris Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Snowball fight, ca. 1949
Primary Format and Extent
film (1,800 ft.) : si., color; 8 mm.
Collection Date Range
1949 - 1958
The Anna Harris Collection consists of 37 reels of 8mm film made in and around Manchester, Vermont. The collection is a record of outdoor activities with African American friends, primarily in the summer and centered in her garden, and includes group excursions for picnics and fishing. Destinations include Hapgood Pond and East Arlington’s covered bridge. The people of color in the film, all adults, may have included employees of Manchester, Vermont, hotels including Equinox House. J.G. Davidson is briefly shown with a truck, Skyline Drive, Equinox Mountain road.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Anna B. Harris (1896-1979) was born in Rowlandsville, Maryland, daughter of Hazzard and Elizabeth Glasco Harris. She moved to Manchester, Vermont, around 1939 and lived there for the remainder of her life. According to her obituary (May 3, 1979), in the Manchester Journal, a memorial service was conducted at Mount Zoar Church in Conowingo, Maryland. Conowingo is just two miles from Rowlandsville. Harris is believed to have maintained friendships in Maryland throughout her life in Vermont.

Anna Harris’s notes on the 8mm film boxes record incomplete names of participants (in rough and incomplete chronological order transcribed from notes on Kodak boxes):
Lottie, Sam, Flora, Nelee, Katie, Carl, Tony, Lloyd, Anna, Ruth, Bob H., Norma, Billy/Billie, Peggy, Max, Annie, Carrie, Anne, Dell and Bill, Ettie, Dona, Winnie, Al, Mrs. Palmer, Clytie, Ellen, Mrs. Lucy, Charles, Mayers, Lillian, Mary [H.], Mrs. Susie, Georgie, Fannie, Gloria [Hudy], Madam G., Powell, Gibson, Bee [F.], Veda, Winnie, Victie, Mary Alice, Orlen, Cassie, Chas & Flo, Clarence & Della. Mary Victie, Arlene F., Miss Sara, Dortha, Judy, Dian, Betty, Boltie, Carrie, Max, Helen, Hattie, Mrs Fannie Gibson, Beatrice & Chas., Florence, Gladys, Mrs. Blackwell, Claudia, Rose, Wallace, Harrie, Peggy Halfpenny, Larry Freddie, Duke, Liza, Marie Carole, Gladys W., Harriet, Alma, Othella, Hurds, Mona.


Items in this collection: 37
Showing 1 - 10 of 37:
1) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 1
Reel 1 color, shrinkage (jumping in gate) and dirt. Car in background, woman with brown and white spaniel on lawn. Spring: apple tree in blossom with four women playing on lawn. One...more
2) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 2
Reel 2 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Tony & mother. Lloyd. & Anna. Ruth & Bob H. Fred's sister & husband. Aug (August?) Date code 1949.more
3) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 3
Reel 3 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Date code 1949. Bob's Party Aug. 1949. more
4) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 4
Reel 4 To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Dr. Campbell Day. Aug. Date code 1949.more
5) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 5
Reel 5 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. 1/2 good. Bob. Norma Billy & ? Peggy Goodbye.more
6) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 6
Reel 6 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Max. Annie. Katie. Bob. Carrie. Anne. Lois? Della and Bill. Laura? party. Date code 1949more
7) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 7
Reel 7 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Dr. J.G. Davidson, Skyline Drive atop Equinox Mountain, 1949. By N.L. date code 1949. [Ford truck "Davidson's Smart Idea," about...more
8) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 8
Reel 8 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchest, Vermont. Katie. Bob. Flora, Ettie. N & C. Dona Winnie & Al. Sept 1949. Date code 1949. [on back of box, Winnie, Winnie]more
9) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 9
Reel 9 box notes:To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Bee Fly one? Mrs. Wilbur. Eliza Mrs. Palmer. Billie. Peggy. A.E & Mrs. Eato more
10) [Anna B. Harris--home movies] Reel 10
Reel 10 box notes: To Anna Harris, Manchester, Vermont. Last roll of summer Fun. Oct. 1949. Clytie. Ellen. Mrs. Lucy. Katie. Msg & drop? Anna. Margaret. a plane. Charles & Mrs. Lucy. more
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