Brown Paper Company Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (16,000 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. print.
Collection Date Range
1940 - 1977
This collection contains films by the Brown Paper Company of Berlin, NH, dealing with various aspects of the paper industry: processes such as pulpwood cutting and hauling, peeling spruce and loading freight cars; equipment such as portable choppers, coresaw machines and vapor tanks; and, policies on river and forest ecology. Instructional film "It's Not the Axe, It's Joe" is in both English and French versions. New England and west-coast paper mill activities are shown. Sponsored films include "The Story of Solka: The Amazing Basic Material that Makes a Thousand Things Better," about powdered cellulose, and "New England Fairs" containing footage of fairs in the 1940s. Collection also contains "Firemen's Convention" (1945), "Sheep Dog Trials" (1948), and "Scouts' Field Day" (1954). Collection also contains instructional and safety films, including one dated 1947 made from animated drawings, as well as home movies of travel around the Pacific Northwest.
Biographical/Historical Notes
Brown Paper Company, a large paper mill in Berlin, New Hampshire, extensively documented its industry through films and photography. Victor Beaudoin was a Brown Company photographer for 33 years, beginning in the mid-1920s.
People and Organizations
Brown Paper Company
Items in this collection: 110
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1) [unidentified--home movies]
Box captions: 'Exactly 98'36 ft. 16 f.p.s. Mirage in E. Colorado--June 1960. Fircrackers on 4th of July. House at Paul Hill. Downey playing with Ma's foot. The view from Acton Hill in S...more
2) Trees for Tomorrow
Title on film: 'Trees for Tomorrow' 'Presented by American Forest Products Industries.' // Film has minor scratching, otherwise very good.more
3) Timber is a Crop
Title on film: 'Timber is a Crop.' // Box captions: 'This film is #7 copy of 'Timber is a Crop' made in 1945. Film is somewhat scratched and should only be used for study.' // Film has...more
4) King Spruce
NHF footage notes for 'King Spruce': Logging film including axe sharpening, chopping trees, horse pulling logs, Lombard log hauler, rolling logs with Peaveys, men going to lunch, cuttin...more
5) Then It Happened
Box captions: 'Then It Happened.' 1947 Maine forest fire. Rochester NH to sea at Kennebunkport ME. // Formerly 'Reel 30.'more
6) [unidentified]
Item unidentified. // Date from edge code on film. // Formerly: 'Reel 87.'more
7) [unidentified]
Item unidentified. // Film is Ansco stock. // Formerly: 'Reel 88.'more
8) [unidentified]
Item unidentified. // Film is Ansco stock. // Formerly: 'Reel 90.'more
9) [unidentified]
Item unidentified. // Color is faded. // Date from edge code on film - may be 1966. // Formerly: 'Reel 92.'more
10) [unidentified]
Item unidentified. // Film is Ansco stock. // Formerly: 'Reel 93.'more
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