Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Collection
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Primary Format and Extent
film (14,459 ft.) : si. and sd., b&w and col. ; 16 mm. masterpos.
Collection Date Range
1956 - 1991
Collection contains two factual works: "Assignment in Aroostook" (1956) shows family life at Loring Air Force Base; "Giants of the Roundhouse" (1962) concerns railroad equipment. Collection also contains an educational/cultural work, "Big Muscle" (1968) a film about railroad locomotives.
Biographical/Historical Notes
The Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Company was founded in 1891 to serve northern Maine. Loring Air Force Base, near the Canadian border, closed in 1994.
Items in this collection: 20
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1) Bangor & Aroostook Railroad!
'The First 100 Years, 1891-1991. A unique documentary of an unforgettable era in Maine railroading.' ONSITE REFERENCE ONLY.more
2) Assignment in Aroostook
Same as 5026-01 (DB 2090), but a black and white print, probably for television distribution.more
3) Big Muscle
'A' Roll of film Big Muscle. Locomotives.more
4) Big Muscle
Evidently a combination of A roll and B roll with straight cuts. No fades or dissolves. With credits. However, the reel is significantly longer than 5027-01-BARR-68more
5) Giants of the Roundhouse
'A' Roll of the film Giants of the Roundhouse. The workings of a railway roundhouse.more
6) Giants of the Roundhouse
B roll of cat. no. 5030-01-BARR-62more
7) Assignment in Aroostook
Negative of Cat. no.5027-01-BARR-56.more
8) Assignment in Aroostook
Negative optical track for Cat. no.5027-01-BARR-56more
9) Assignment in Aroostook
Positive optical track for Cat. no. 5027-01-BARR-56 or possibly for color print Cat. no. 5026-01-BARR-56.more
10) Assignment in Aroostook
Workprint for Cat. no. 5026-01-BARR-56more
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